Portfolio feedback- Personal Portfolio

Hi Everyone!
i just finish my first personal portfolio and i just finish my second freecodecamp project.
here is the my portfolio codepen link : https://codepen.io/Hooriahic/full/pVaJeW/
thank you for any feedback or advice! i feel like i learned soo much from this project


Good job there. One step at a time.


Good job ^^ I mean, really good job ^^ It doesn’t appear as a new -to-code developer structure: it’s responsive, functional, good-looking. Congratulations!

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thanks! for appreciations

In the contact section, i would change the width of the media links. now each one get full container width. i would make them all inline

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the links for live demos can not be read as they are blue on a blue background.

i fixed it
now check out

thanks @sorinr
for fixed the media link

and :blush:again thanks everyone :sunglasses:

hello @HooriaHic I just came across your work now while trying to build my personal portfolio, I noticed you used bootstrap but I still dont understand so many things you did, so I think I need to study more materials on bootstrap but to be precise which can you recommend for me so I can bridge the knowledge gap, and please this request is also open to all, any good material straight to the point how to do stuff like navbars and controlling the elements inside, will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

This is a very nice portfolio but if I am not mistaken I have seen a website like this somewhere before. Some bootstrap theme must have been used but I’m not sure.

Where is the test button to see if it passes the test?

I would recommend you to adjust the text-size of the paragraphs/description under the project titles
also, making them a bit lighter than the title will make them look good

also, I noticed the first text of your paragraph is not capitalized

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Sorry this isn’t feedback, more of a help question. Can you tell me how you got the source for your image (<img src= “https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSAoKG-IrSc6V88udfoXDCGV-8PUYpWBRCTj4QcMP9FLohN8dp_”). I’m working on my own portfolio page and trying to figure this out. Thanks.

Hi @Princenuel There’s no test button because its a project of old FCC