Portfolio - Feedback appreciated

So I would say I’m about 85% done on this - but I decided I’d like to move on and progress a bit further with other bits of FreeCodeCamp and then come back and polish this as and when.

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Since you mentioned that the page is incomplete, I will only comment on what is currently finished.

The navigation works overall, but you might consider padding the top of each section so that the heading isn’t hidden by the navbar.

It think that the background image is great. However, the transparency/font combination of the blurb about you, makes the text difficult to read.

I feel that the color scheme works well.

The ‘coming soon’ images are too complex. Even with the words ‘coming soon’, I feel like there is content associated with the item. Likewise, the hover effect suggests to people that there is a link to additional content.

I think that you are fairly close to being finished and well on your way to having a nice page.

Happy coding!

Thank you! Very useful appraisal.

I’ve added in the padding to each section (and removed it from the top of the body too - makes far more sense to pad each section and got rid of a weird border thing that was happening at some viewport sizes).

I’ve increased the alpha behind the “About” section text - I might rethink that font as something a bit meatier might be more readable with the image behind. I was attached to the look of the transparency but readability is more important!

The coming soon images were just something I liked when I was putting the content in before the design really came together - as they’re placeholders until I’ve done more on FreeCodeCamp - I’ll just change them when I have more content.

Hey Anna

I like the page. Lovin’ the black-and-white to color hover effect on the portfolio page, I wish I had thought of that.

Some things you might want to think about:

  • Center justifying your contact section instead of leaving it to the left. Unless you’re putting more content on the right side, it just seems off-balanced
  • Your h2s seem to be right on top of the content. You might want to think about adding a bottom-margin to them
  • Moving your .about div down in your header so it’s not so close to the navigation

Other than those few tweaks, everything works well for me. All the images and the navigation is responsive for me! Time to fill that portfolio