I've finished my portfolio page

I would love feed back https://codepen.io/shiquann/pen/awdPqZ

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I think you’ve got a very solid start here. Page is responsive and clean. As you progress and add projects it will become that much more impressive.

Hi Shiquann,

Really like the top design of the page and the simplicity of the layout. Color scheme good too.

The links to your social accounts on the bottom don’t work…you might want to check on those.


Thank you, im about to start the javascript part of freecodecamp so i hope i learn some new stuff to add to it.

thank you it took a while to make. There where alot of trail and errors.

thanks, I’m going to take a look at them.

I hope that the learning keeps you enthused. It does me.
I have been struggling a little with the javascript, but its great when I finally do grasp a certain challenge.

Very nice and clean… i would say this is probably one of the best works i have seems… simple clean… amazing

thank you, that is a huge compliment.

yes java script is alot harder. I almost got stuck on the third one until i read it reads from the right to the left lol.

Really clean. I like it! I don’t know if you have “plans” for that footer, but it seems somewhat out of proportion just with the “Contact”. Otherwise, really great work, Shiquann!

I agree with Adam. Solid palette with good image responsiveness. I missed text responsiveness (I’m seeing it on mobile). Three pointers:

  1. When you click the links, you need to offset the scroll a bit. When I click “contact”, for instance, it takes me a bit lower then the actual “Contact” section.

  2. I little bit of font editing would make a huge difference in appearance.

  3. It’s a little bit advanced for now, but if you want to get some real good controlled responsiveness, check out “@media screen” CSS coding.

Here’s mine (still working on it) for comparison.