I'd love your feedback on my portfolio project!

Hello fellow FCC devs, I recently started taking the lessons and now I have the portfolio project done.

I’d like to hear what you guys think both about the code itself, and the design and layout I chose. I feel like the front-end lessons focus solely on code, which I guess is what they’re meant to teach, but I’m left craving some knowledge about design and actually making things look good, which is also very important for me.

If anyone has any sources on design principles and aesthetics, I’d love to give them a read as well.

Anyhow, here is my project:

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this and comment! :slight_smile:

I’m impressed, wish I could do something as clean-looking !

About the code: I’m surprised you had to set "navlink! classes instead of simply using <ul> and <li>. If you look at the default-navbar in the Bootstrap docs, you’ll see what I mean.

I would have put my links in a navbar-right so that it’s automatically set to the right without having to position everything manually like you did.

Another thing you might like, you can set the color of your placeholder images (placehold.it actually shows you how, so it would blend better for the time being).

Another detail and that might not be super important but I thought it was cool: you set every image as 4 columns, right? Well Bootstrap knows it has only 12 columns it can play with per row, so even if you don’t specify a new row every time, your images will fall in the right place anyway>

You have several <a> links that don’t link to anything and have no text. So they’re invisible…why is that?

It also looks like you have several IDs you don’t make any use of.

Hey, thanks for your comments, I’ve addressed all of the issues you brought up, got cleaner code now :smile:

I don’t know how I forgot the Bootstrap navbar lists.
As for the empty links, I was using those as a way to jump into each section from the navigation links, or so I thought, turns out it wasn’t necessary. I guess I was using outdated info.

You can use <a> links to jump to parts of your page, but without a href, your <a> simply doesn’t exist.

To do that you’d need to give an id to, say your bottom page (id="bottom") and set your
<a href="#bottom"> so that when you click on it you jump to the bottom.