Here is my Portfolio page (need feedback)

Here is my Portfolio page (need feedback)
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I finally finished my Portfolio page and I wanted to hear the reviews here before submitting it.
Any feedback would be appreciated!


It’s lovely…I hope? Where is it :interrobang:


oops my bad :stuck_out_tongue: fixed it


Nice work so far. When you have done more of the course this will have more content :slight_smile:


Looking forward to the finished project. Not sure exactly when you started but it looks good so far.


Thank you! This was my second attempt actually, the first I didn’t use bootstrap for responsiveness and I wasn’t satisfied with it. So I wrote it all over again on the weekend after getting the hang of bootstrap.


Clean looks, absolutely love it. But why the images don’t show up. :confused:


do you mean the projects in the portfolio section?


Amazing work. Congrats