Personal porfolio - project

Hi guys i just finished my portfolio project. I would like to know your suggestions, opinions and feedback. I aprecciate your time and your comments. thanks.


great job, and beautiful colours.

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Nice job, looks good. There are spelling/grammar errors in the English version, though.

On mobile phone you need to work on responsibility: Navbar text is too large icons in contact section very big.

The information about your projects is sometimes placed next to it, sometimes placed underneath it. I would be more consistent with it. Also give the text more space if you are going to place it next to the image.

I would set the height of the work with me section so that once you reach that part of the page, everything in the viewport is the same background colour. Right now I see a blue navbar, some white, then blue again.

I like the drawing of yourself in the welcome section :slight_smile: Think it’s also good that you have put your GitHub etc over there. Maybe add your LinkedIn as well?

This is a very good Personal Portfolio. Nice colors :smiley:. I’m following you on GitHub. Good idea on links!

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yeah thanks i´m gonna check the spaces and the sections .

ok. i´m gonna fix that. i hope all the page be full responsive