Personal-Portfolio Feed Back

Hey all, would love to get your honest feedback on my personal portfolio webpage. Thanks alot.

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Hi @maxvh,

I really like your portfolio :slight_smile:. I like the colour choices, layout, simplicity and that it is easy to read yet looks modern.

Below are things that I would personally change (but you do not have to agree with it):

  • Remove the word ‘browse’ and add more space around ‘About’, ‘Work’, ‘Contact’.

  • Change the project links to open in new tabs as you have no return buttons on them.

  • Move the contact section icons slightly lower down and centre it. I would also rename ‘send a mail’ to ‘mail’ and ‘call me’ to ‘phone’ but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps and happy coding!

I like the animations and choice of background gradients, the way you present your projects is quite neat too :smiley: I think your site is very stylish and original.

The design for your contact section seems inconsistent: for the call me and send a mail logos the writing is partially inline with the logos.
For me your intro is hard to read my brain switches from reading it correctly to following the font and reading it as “I AM A MAX” and “My name is web developer”…that could just be me though lol.

Hey Max, I like what you are trying to do here but it is not working for me at all. Using FF I can only read all of the project links if I have my browser really wide. As I narrow it in the product links are cut-off the right side of the page. Same thing happens for the social media links at the bottom. Basically, the page does not seem to be responsive to changes in the view port width at all.

thanks for this comment, I still have to optimize the site for all viewports, its on my to do. I will fix this when i get the chance

Thank you for your tips!!! specially the one about opening links in new tabs, cant believe I forgot that lol!