First Portfolio Project - Please Provide Feedback

First Portfolio Project - Please Provide Feedback
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I’ve just completed my Portfolio project, and would love some honest feedback! This is the first web development project I’ve completed that used all HTML, CSS/Bootstrap & Javascript/JQuery. I’m happy with it but I’m sure there is room for improvement.

Portfolio Project



Try to improve the responsiveness. The design it’s fine, clean and easy to navigate, but if you open it on a mobile it’ll get very hard to use.


Wow your portfolio looks very neat and nicely organized! Great work


Looking very nice! Only thing that I noticed was that the logo in the top-left corner wasn’t showing up. This might be due to the fact that the link is from imgur, which, as far as I remember, codepen doesn’t like very much… something along those lines…


Really nice design. I would suggest you make some minimum width/height on your project tiles and form inputs for smaller screen sizes.


I think your web will be much nicer if you customize the navbar yourself. I don’t think that it is necessary to include the follow link in your navbar. Other than that, I think it will be nicer if you make the spaces between each section smaller. I am also new to coding, so if you’ve time please give feedback to my portfolio , as it will help me in improving my skills.


Thank you all for your feedback, it’s greatly appreciated! I’m going to revisit to make improvement based on your suggestions (and especially change that horribly rushed logo!).



Thank you for the feedback, I will take a look at your Portfolio


Thanks, Imgur wa sthe first place I thought of. I’ve moved it to S3 now, hopefully that’ll fix it. Though I plan to completely change the logo anyway, I really dislike it now that I’ve had some sleep!


Hopefully sorted with some bootstrap grid adjustments, seems a lot better now. :+1:


It looks super! A personal preference would be for less space between sections, but if you like that design then go with it. Nice job!


I agree with loonyloo. I would put in section divs to section off topics. Too much space in between. I’ve noticed that you have a form for collecting data but you left no contact information for someone to directly contact you. Not that you have to put up here, however, putting some dummy info for a placeholder can give you an idea of what it would look like.


I loved it. It’s really clean and easy to navigate, it’s perfect.
Oh, but one thing: I’d increase the nav logo’s margin, it’s to tight.


I would be happy with it too. Good job :+1:


It’s a really nice onepager! Looks good!


Looks good but you need to move the SM links from under your picture into the navbar, or just delete them all together because you have them in the footer which is common.


how did you make the blue background get deeper the further down you went in the page?


Looking good.
I think it would be good to make a “scroll to top icon” round, not oval.


I used linear-gradient as my background in CSS.


Question : Is the FreeCodeCamp and Jose Portilla’s Python & Django Full Stack Developer Course link. suppose to bring you to the site? if Yes, remember to add target=“blank” at the end of your link because codepen doesn’t allow open link on the same page for security issue.

Other than that it is great portfolio! Hope to see more content added as you progress further in FCC :slight_smile: