Just finished my Portfolio. What do you think?

Hey there,

After spending a lot of time with several different approaches, I finally have a design I like.


I tried to keep the page responsive using Bootstrap, while avoiding to use any JavaScript that is not incorporated into the framework.
Projects are obviously still missing, but I hope to be able to fix that in the future :slight_smile:

Please comment any suggestions and improvements you have!
Thanks in advance for any responses and tips, you are an awesome community!

I think that the overall design is good, and the navigation seems to work fine.

I find the text in the blurb about you to be difficult to read. This could likely be fixed by playing with opacity and font color.

Iā€™m not convinced that the color of the navbar and the beige(ish) colors of the content backgrounds are are harmonious ā€“ but that could just be a personal aesthetic.

Overall, nice work!