In need of some Portfolio feedback Please andThank you


I have been working quite some time on this, as a newbie I feel it is definetly not where it should or could be, yet it is not too bad. LOL.
Thanks in advance.

Hi! I like the color scheme you went with, they flow nicely from one section to the next. On a user navigation-side, I would like to have a fixed navbar so I can navigate to every section from every other section without having to scroll. I think it would be cool to have titles on your projects that tell me a little bit about them before I click on them. That android is cool!

I’d be interested in your feedback on my portfolio site too. Let me know what you think.


I really like your layout and some of the icons. However:

  • You could change the font to sans-serif. If you like it that way it’s fine, it’s just a personal opinion.
  • You could also make the images a little less squashed it might look a bit better

Other than that, I really like your site!

Thank you very much for your suggestion, very much appreciated.