Portfolio Page - Feedback Welcome

Hi All,

Here’s a link to my Portfolio Page. I finally figured out this project will be a work in progress only after lingering way too long on it. The contact form is not functional yet however I plan to come back and get it working later. Feedback welcome. Thanks!

Very nice! Clean and simple. You’re right about WIP, though I think it’s good practice to put in a decent first effort with all the projects. I seem to say this in all my portfolio feedback, but I think it looks nicer if your collapsible menu collapses, when in mobile view, after you’ve clicked a link.

And I used https://formspree.io/ for my contact form. Works very well, though I should probably go back and try my own solution.

Many thanks for taking the time to review my Portfolio Page! I see what you mean about the menu not collapsing in mobile view and will see if I can identify the problem with my code to fix it. I also appreciate the formspree tip…will definitely check it out. Cheers.

Really nice and clean portfolio. Certainly stands out from most of the other portfolios. Best of luck with creating real content for your portfolio.

I like it! Nice bold colours.

A couple of suggestions:

  • A favicon is easy to setup, and lends a bit of authenticity

  • It gets a little screwy on mobile, its worth checking responsive layouts on different screen sizes

  • add some colour to that contact send button. The site exists for people to click that button, make sure they can see it! Id also put a big ol’ ‘Get in touch’ button above the fold.

  • Nitpicky, I know the copy is more or less placeholder, but i would make it less verbose. Im not sure clients want to “achieve digital agility”, they want sales, leads, bookings, etc. They want ROI on your fee. Better to speak their language.