Looking for some feedback on my Portfolio page

If anyone could give me some feedback on my portfolio page, it would be awesome!

Here’s the Codepen link.

Also, I’m not a fan of the contact portion at the bottom, just doesn’t look good I think, so I’ll be coming back to that too.



Your page looks good on my laptop, and I really like your rotating images in the portfolio placeholders. Your code looks clean and readable. Unfortunately, things start to look a bit off when dropping down to smaller sizes. Your picture shifts to left justified, as do your contact information links.

I agree with your thoughts on the contact info links. They seem off, but I can’t exactly say why.

The other thing I noted was that your linked in profile link doesn’t reach anything, but I don’t think that’s a big deal, so long as it is semantically correct.

It’s a good looking page, and will do you justice in the future.

Happy coding!


Hi! First of all, you should avoid inline styles. You could add the text-center class to the about section img. You could change your contact buttons building technique: instead of <div><a><img> you should remove divs and imgs and set directly to the anchors the Bootstrap btn and btn-dafault classes, and if you want to insert the icons of your social you have just to add within the button a font awsome icon (take a look at the ‘bootstrap 3 examples’ section at about middle of the page. The ‘active’ class of your navigation does not toggle in the right way, so until you can’t fix that issue, you should remove it from the about voice. I would have added a collapse feature to the navbar, because on small screens it covers almost half of the viewport. Anyhow, I think that the structure of the page is well setted, so it will be a great starting point for future implementations. Well done.