My personal portfolio

Hi there!

Just got my personal portfolio to a point I’m pretty happy with it. Here it is, please take a look and let me know your thoughts/anything I could improve! (And as I’ve just spent the last 30mins trying to get the font of my email address to match the rest of the page…any tips on how to make that work would be greatly appreciated lol)


Looks nice! If you change your email from:
<h3><i class="fa fa-envelope" aria-hidden="true"></i></h3>
to: <h3><i class="fa fa-envelope" aria-hidden="true"></i></h3>
your email address inherits the Ubuntu font. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Awesome start here man! It looks pretty good on desktop. I really like the footer section.:smile_cat:

My suggestions:

  • Try working on the functionality for mobile users. You could maybe try making the nav mobile, having the contact form fit well, resizing/reformatting the social media icons.
  • Cut down the number of portfolio items to 6 maximum. 9 might be a tad bit excessive for now, and it could also lead to unnecessary scrolling for mobile users.
  • Try to reserve .container-fluid for navbars and footers. Anything else you want to put in a container should be placed in the .container class instead. Try this out and you’ll see a drastic improvement in readability.

That’s all I have to say for now. Great job so far, and keep up the amazing work buddy! :smile_cat:

Wow! It looks great to me! How did you make it look so sleek? Mine looks boring compared to that! Any tips on the nav buttons and such? I’m going to have to go thru your code later to learn some stuff from it. This is all I got for now:

Awesome, thanks for the tip! Looks much better now :smile:

Hi Todd, thanks for the positive feedback!! To be honest, I just had a look at a load of websites and saw the sort of style I wanted…with the big image at the top under the nav bar. I then did a lot of googling to get the type of font, buttons, contact form that I wanted. It took me a while, but am pretty happy with it now. As jinrawx said, next thing I need to do with it is make it more responsive for mobile users!

In terms of my navbar, i just used the standard bootstrap one I think. Your page has all the right content, think once you play around with the layout/colours you’ll have it nailed. :smile:

Try to imagine a better design. Look at other people’s projects and try to copy or base yours on those. Good luck!

I think its nice!

My suggestions:

-as someone else stated, try to make it responsive for other devices. Its tricky but very useful once you learn it.
-the gray color combined with black is not very attractive

Otherwise its good!

Thanks man. Yeah I’m totally remaking my page with all of the Bootstrap stuff. I just learned HTML this past week, I was a total noob! lol.

I gotta say, HTML is a different animal than regular coding. It’s definitely not easier IMO.