Feedback for My Portfolio (all comments welcome)

Any tips or thoughts at all on my portfolio page? It’s “functionally” complete but, like anything, still feels like it’s missing something. All comments welcome!

Make it look nicer by customizing it a little more. It looks decent but very Bootstrapish.

Add custom fonts by using Google Fonts.

Experiment with the color scheme and various pairings. Check out and for help pairing modern colors.

Add a nice contact form. There are tons of sites that can teach you how to build a nice looking form.

here is what i see on your portfolio

It is a good start! I like the circles…I am a huge circle fan!

What would I improve upon?? I think the page is too spread out horizontally…my eyes had trouble finding a flow.

Also, the text could use some sprucing and a touch of color wouldn’t hurt either. :smile:

Yeah, it’s definitely rough on mobile, to say the least. That’s where I know the most work needs to be done. I was considering more overall aesthetics, which, at the moment, can only be viewed on a computer. In hindsight, I should’ve included that in the post.

Not bad to start, but some tweaking will bring it a long way. Here’s a list of some fixes I would recommend:

  • Add more color
  • Work on some of the responsiveness issues; content is escaping its containers
  • Make the navigation bar buttons fold into a single button (when the page is shrunk) that opens a dropdown menu when clicked rather than having a block of buttons that cover some of the content at the top of the page
  • Try to rely more on CSS for your styling rather than HTML; namely don’t use line breaks for spacing; instead use padding-top, padding-bottom, margin-top, margin-bottom, etc.

Just make some small changes and you’ll have a great pages.

Really appreciate the specific feedback; those willbe my coding challenges for the day, thank you!

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