My Portfolio Page Feedback needed

Hi Everyone!
I’ve just finished my Portfolio page. Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

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Very nice! Its very similar to what I made for my portfolio page. My only piece of criticism is you have a lot of empty space around your page. It just feels too empty to me, but it does look good! Coming from one beginner to another I’m impressed :smiley:

It’s very pretty. There is a large margin/padding above your image…

You may consider two things - moving your font-awesome call from the html head to the css section and placing a meta viewport tag in its place at the html head. This should help your small screen views look a little more consistent.

I love the tribute page too!

I really like your portfolio page. It looks good! Keep doing!:clap:
Now I want to give you my opinion about some features which will make the page better.

  • First section.( About section or #jumbo1 in this case). So far you used too much “white” space in this section. It is too large top and bottom padding. I am sure in this case it will look more tasty if you locate your image and description (your introducing. ) in one line. For example you can locate your photo to the left and the text to the right. Just try it! and be careful with “white space”.

  • Contact me section.( #jumbo3). The same stuff about space. Also you need to change styles of feedback form. In this case Inputs, textarea elements should have same width.

  • Buttons. ( Send button). Look at feedback form now. Inputs, textarea, and button have the same style now. They look similar. But the button(“Send”) is more important element than inputs. So it will be a good way to change color of the button to increase noticeable one.

  • Backgrounds. Now backgrounds take too much attention. Backgrounds are not important element of the page. So, in my opinion it will look better if you adjust brightness of backgrounds for example. You can go different ways. There are many ways.

This is my opinion. I hope that will help you. If you have questions let’s discuss. :wink:
Keep going!
Let’s make web better place!

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Thank to all of you for your feedback! :slight_smile:
@belodpav thanks for pointing everything out, it was very helpful! Actually, I wanted the page to be so spatial because I thought that it would give it more professional look :wink: But you’re right the page looks kind of empty this way. Also I was patterning myself on a pattern portfolio page that was given as an example for that challenge so that’s why I put all of these different images in the background but I know that they look kind of unaesthetic. I will defienitly rewrite my portfolio with all the tips that you gave me but for now I would like to focus on the JavaScript part of the freeCodeCamp course. I believe that with the basic knowledge of JS it will be easier to implement all the changes and make the website look more professional :slight_smile:
Anyway, thank to all of you once again :slight_smile:

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