Wanted: Feedback, Project: Portfolio

I need some feedback on my first attempt at a portfolio page.


I am itching to move onto the JS curriculum so I left the ‘Contact me’ part pretty bland and lame. I am assuming this page in particular is one that is going to get many changes as my knowledge grows :smiley:

So any feedback on my pages’ current state is appreciated. Thanks!

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Its looking good,
One thing I’m not thrilled about is the contact me section.
Your email gets cut off on mobile view plus I think a form would be more practical. just putting your email address in requires the user to leave the site (or at least open a new tab to their email platform) this could decrease the number of emails you actually get. Think of it as closing a sale. you want for the least amount of steps.
Keep it up

Nice job!
I like the background you picked!
Your font matches you really well.
I’d say to add a little bit of border-radius to your project images.