Tried my best to make my Portfolio using Bootstrap! Need Suggestion to improve..Feedback appriciated

link is :-

looks good. if you are just starting FCC i guarantee you will expand on this or remake your portfolio again if not many times again. i think i am on my 4th rendition of my portfolio in 3 months since i started coding. lol. keep it up. i like the background.

Nice job - everything looks good there’s nothing really to improve. If I start nitpicking over small things, it might sound too much, but here are some comments anyway.

The social buttons’ icons can have a bit of padding to separate from the button labels. You can try using multiple fonts in a page, the chunky one for titles and more subtle generic ones for contents. Bit of margin-top over the btnlist class to separate from "block text-center" class.

Apart from this everything looks solid, off to a great start!

Thank you so much…i will try my best:wink::blush:

Thanks for your valuable feedback…:blush: i have tried to fix some of them…