Would you have a look at my tribute page and portfolio page? :)

Tribute Page Link : http://codepen.io/freenaturalsoul/pen/AXVLkd
Portfolio page Link : http://codepen.io/freenaturalsoul/pen/xOzdyy

Hello campers! This is Sebin who’s struggling to learn basics now.
These are my products I’ve made based on HTML,CSS and Bootstrap. It obviously still needs to be improved functionally and it’s not sufficiently responsive for small screen device…!
I want you to leave your feedback. Appreciate for that in advance.
Cheers! :blush:


You should not say that you are struggling with html,css,bootstrap. One of the best portfolios and tribute pages seen so far. Specially i liked your portfolio page very much. The design, look and feel of the page… Everything is awesome man. Good Luck!!

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Appreciate for your feedback :smile:. Actually I had to spend almost half a day only solving a layout problem and getting tiny visual effect work properly. I got frustrated so many times but your comment literally makes me feel I’m rewarded for that. Thank you and good luck too.

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Well yes because even i learned recently that struggling at something would pay reward to you.

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Actually I had to spend almost half a day only solving a layout problem and getting tiny visual effect work properly.

Be prepared to spend MANY more of those days. :slight_smile: I spent about 3 or 4 hours last night trying to fix my navigation bar on mobile…and then someone graciously told me that he’s hypothesized that there’s been an long-term issue with Codepen and navbars on mobile in general and when he put his portfolio on GitHub, everything works fine even if it doesn’t in Codepen. Just part of the work!

My main comments would be to think about, read about, and try to coordinate font types and colors and make it seem more cohesive–it seems to me that you’re trying to put a little bit of everything in, and it feels distracting and disjointed.

It’s also hard to read the text box that’s over Al Gore’s face, and I don’t think I would ever use the word “sexy” on anything a potential employer or otherwise might see. :slight_smile: It’s definitely a great start though!

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Thanks a lot for your time and precious suggestion. :slight_smile: That’s right I tried to put as many things into it as possible, regardless of the actual needs…! I’ll reflect your idea next time when I update. Thanks again and good luck.

Very nice. I love the visual design of it.

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Thank you:slight_smile: