Please review portfolio

Hello guys!

Please find here my portfolio

Your reviews are very much needed and important! Thanks

Nice basic site :slight_smile:
You can always go back later and add bling !

Thanks! I certainly will. :slightly_smiling_face:

The functionaly and concept is well blended, altough the design is fair! Anyways, the poiint here is you made your own portfolio page already, and im just starting, You could check out my tribute page here to give you some ideas :slight_smile:

PS its as simple as yours as well, it just contains few designs, but i know you can add your’s as well! You’ve got this! just keep on learning!

Thanks @lagdave! Will try and do better.
Your tribute page is awesome. I like the way you designed your menu so that it rests on the orange line. Very creative! Some remarks though: I guess where it is written “Tribute page” is the name of your brand… It has to be clickable and lead back to your home page. I know the choice is yours but lighter colors would’ve been nice. Awesome work! You’re lucky to have such a friend in Wafi!

@Theophanie Thanks for that awesome review, im still learning how to do an inpage navigation with a smooth scroll… and yeah! WAFI’s a great guy!

ur sites is great man, just startes and i need someone to put me through i hope u could be of help

I am shocked to be asked for help! Considering the fact that im still 2 weeks old web developer! But i will be glad to help you! My sites arent great, try to remove the color or change the color with random ones and it will look awful! Seriously, Web development is not just about the structure and how it works, color is also a crucial part of it, well for me!