Tribute Page : WAFI Need Feedback and Review

Hi There! I’ve just finished my Tribute Page, everybody is encouraged to look at a 2 week old web developer… You can tell me everything right in the comments below! I wont be offended, besides im looking forward to your reviews as a foundation to improve my skills and knowledge in this track i chose…

I have a couple of links below and each one is slightly different.

~Code Pen Link, if you want to change or look at the code! But i recommend you to jump into the next link if you just want to view the whole size, because codepen eats up roughly 10% of the screen already that may cause UI distortion.

~PS Dont mind the domain name, I reused it because i cant buy a domain myself, Im just 13, where can i get my own funds, (You can also answer that below : A job that accepts 13 years old).

So please visit any one of them! Id be grateful if you leave some reviews. As experts or co-beginers, tell me what I’ve already have in me so far. Thanks!


PS Try resizing your window, Ive focused on responsiveness actually, because that’s what ive learned in previous lessons here! Thanks!

Super rad! Digging your design and colors! Only issue I see is the nav buttons don’t work up top, but other than that awesome job.

The nav are meant not to function, Maybe later after i know how to naviaget through webpages alone! Thanks for the feedback by the way!


up this post! up this post!

First off, thank you for the kind words on my tribute page earlier.

I really like your layout. My only issue is the “More” section. Maybe it’s just my old eyes, but I have a hard time with bright colors these days, and my eyes struggle with that section.

I only gave a cursory glance at your HTML/CSS (it’s been a long day), but it looks pretty good to me.

Nice work.

Thanks, Yeah! I agree with those colors… I will consider using darker shades in my future projects