Here is my Portfolio Page -- Feedback is appreciated

Hello, Campers,
I have finished my portfolio page. take a look and give me your valuable feedback. Thank you all.
Jamal || Front End Developer

Great job. But make sure to set your “Hire me” button along with text and image above it in the center. Also, experiment with colors to make it look more professional. You could use “cold” colors for example: #dodgerblue, #lightgray, #gray, etc.

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“Let’s work together” section would also look better if you center it in the block.

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Hey @zivaev, Thanks for your opinions. I will update it soon.

Although, I didnt really like the color mix of the whole page, well i was impressed but i think black text over a dark blue background doesnt look cool for me… But god, I was impressed with your footer, ive been developing web pages since 1 month ago but i have never tried such footer… i guess you inspired me to make one!!

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Hey @lagdave , Thanks for your feedback. I also think my design sens is very bad. I will try to make it more beautiful and well visible soon. currently I’m working on it.

Dear @lagdave can you help me! if you have any professional design idea. TIA

Im just 13 years old dear sir, and I have no profession at all, but to help you, I will give you a suggestion… Based on my exp. using 3 same colors of different shades will make your whole webpage look awesome since material design is now of many trends in 2018!! You should check out for color pallete and design

Hey @lagdave I’m really impressed to know you are now only 13 years old. but age doesn’t matter, good to see you here and I think you did some good stuff on your near future. also thanks for your suggestion.

Youre very welcome sir, i just want to repay those people who have taught me and helped me begin as well!! Glad to help!!

It should be “I have experience with” or “I have experience building with” for proper english. I’ve experience is broken english… just pointing that out.

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color pallet change for sure ! (must)
resume filename should have you name

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Dear @ClosetCoderGuy Thanks.

Hey @lucasverra currently I’m trying and testing. All your advice will apply soon. thanks

I’m not an expert, but I think you need to rethink the colours. Here’s a link to a website that may help you,


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That’s an intelligent and great call! And at 13!! I’m impressed. Looks like you might have a future in this. Keep at it and don’t give up.

Don’t take offense.

Entirely too much color. You should only have 2-3 colors max. Then use different shades.

When you click on your nav bar it should auto-scroll to the proper area, not jump. It’s a simple CSS animation I think. You need to add in a more pronounced hover affect for your nav bar. Don’t use the “ ‘ ” above the E’s since it’s all caps. It goes above the grid line for the top of the fonts.

At the start, your pic, “Hello (change the comma to a period or change This to this), This is Jamal Uddin, and I’m an ASPIRING FRONT END DEVELOPER” (I would do it like this:

Jamal Uddin

), should be centered and not at the top. It looks unbalanced. Also, get rid of the “Hire Me!” button because the website already implies that you are looking for work. Adding it that way is like yelling something twice.

You should never use a hand-written font for a logo on a professional site.

The About Me section. If the “Front End Developer” does not link to anything, absolutely do not make it look like it. Either bold or italicize it, but not both. Same with the React.js. Your text should read like this (I improved the grammar):

I am a self-taught Front-End Developer from Bangladesh. I love to design and develop web applications while keeping User Experience in mind. Problem solving, designing clean interfaces, learning new skills and then implementing them, are things that I am passionate about.

I am currently learning React and am interested in a position where I can utilize my skills.

Put a frame around the icons in the “Front End Web Development” box so it looks like the other 2 and looks balanced. Change “React.js Web Apps Development” to “React Web Development”. Also, get rid of the tiny margins or padding on the left and right of each box.

Change “Weapons” to something else. Using weapons has a negative connotation and is associated with violence. You do not want to put that in the user’s head, especially potential employers. The background of the logo images either needs to be transparent or change the background white to match that way it’s just the logo and not a box.


The Cat Survey Form, Geo Location based Weather Viewer, Random Color Generator, and Tribute to Kazi Nazrul Islam buttons need to be dropped down so that all the boxes match perfectly.

Change “Byte Size URL Shortener” to “Byte-Size URL Shortener”.

Change “Geo Location based Weather Viewer” to “Geo Location-Based Weather Viewer”.

Change “JS color game” to “JavaScript Color Game”.

Change “Bolod Fashion Shop” to “Bold Fashion Shop”???

Change “Tribute of Kazi Nazrul Islam” to “Tribute to Kazi Nazrul Islam”.

Get rid of all the “#”’s because they are not linked to twitter.

Change “I’m available for freelance projects.” to “I’m also available for freelance projects.”.

Get rid of the hire me button.

Fix the buttons that are higher up so that they are all uniform.

That should get you started.

Also, here are some color tools.

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Thanks sir @geekysmurf!!

I struggle with color schemes too. I’ve found these resources helpful:

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I strongly agree with this, and just a suggestion, after reading each parts go to youtube and stream those in action@!

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