I would like feedback on my portfolio page

I am working on my portfolio site, please can you help me with feedback. I am currently at a bootcamp so this was one of our projects.

Any feedback would be helpful, what can I include to make it better and visually appealing ?
Thank you .


I like it, it is very clear and elegant. Amazing job! Hope one day mine become like your


This is amazing and really well made. The colors are great and the animations are smooth. The only problem i can see is that your blank class doesnt fit on a mobile screen, otherwise this webpage is nothing less than a work of art

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Thanks for the feedback, yes You can definitely design and code a sight and even better sights like that with tutorials and fcc. You are in the right place.

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Thank you so much for the feedback, i was thinking on changing my color scheme ,but you reminded me of my efforts.

Good boi, Excellent work Goirdi, Crisps

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You did fantastic job! Thats what I call responsive web design.

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Your portfolio made me really skeptical about it.
If I were HR I would avoid you and possibly black list you after taking a look on your site.

It screams of plagiarism everywhere. That is not honest or good at all.

First red flag was “google landing page” in projects. Really? How is that your project? You just copied page of freaking google!

Then there is this - https://giordifungula.github.io/ProductLandingPage-Personal_Project/
This is literally forked copy of example provided here on FreeCodeCamp! This is not your project at all, you just made minor changed and called it work.

I got skeptical about - maybe I am overthinking it, so I took a look on your tip calculator, and first googling yielded me this:

Compare that to your project:

Final straw was this:

Just open this side by side and take a look.

You should be ashamed and disqualified for academic dishonesty!
There is no way I will trust that you did not steal your portfolio page either.
I was thinking I am overthinking it when I started writing the post, so I tried to look if other projects are your genuine effort, but I just found more and more copy pasting and plagiarism.

Go and read this before you continue:


If you want to become a professional you need to delete everything that you did not do yourself and restart from scratch without doing anything like that again.


Thank you for the feedback, it will help me to grow and to be better. I will work on what needs to be worked on thanks. I value your input.


It is better to have subpar portfolio with less projects then to copy things from others. Just remember that you are doing it for yourself first. If you placing something in your portfolio, it should only be there if you can make it from scratch again, because it is your qualification for work.

Get off the internet and think about your own, personal project, not based on anything someone else did. Do not start looking for inspiration until you have it in your head on what you want to make.

Only personal project made from 0 to 100% by yourself will help you escape this mentality, so I would say you need to go and do exactly that. Does not matter if it will look good or bad, just work on it by yourself.


Thank you for your insight and I value it. Although I think you could slightly be overthinking this. When it comes to me creating something was was built already its not a matter of copy and pasting. I am defeating the purpose when I just do that and I would be cheating myself, which is what I know I do not want. Its a matter of recreating something that is built already, with the skills that I am learning at the moment. I use this to test my ability to recreate something without looking at any code. Jon Chretien sight was a task for school , so I will not go further with this discussion. I had to re-create this site with my existing skills. But I will work on my skills and will continue to work on my craft. Thanks for your input, I will take this into consideration Sir.


It does not matter if you did it for school. This is your portfolio, it is your front and what will build your reputation and first impression.

It is okay to do projects like that for learning purposes. But you never place them in your portfolio like that.

You place your own personal projects in portfolio, or actual paid work you have done. Never place something that looks exactly like someone else work in it.

If potential client or employer will see it, they are not gonna care if you did it for learning or not, they will just see a copy and pass on you.

When you work on polishing your skills, projects like that are great. But you do not present them as your own work, because they are not actually fully yours if they are based on someone else concept and prior work. It will leave bad first impression, like you can see from my example.


Hi @giordifungula

I just had a look at your portfolio. It is really nice and clear. :slight_smile:

I really like what you did with the ‘Junior Web Developer, Innovator, Athlete’ line in ‘Home’ section. I also like the ‘Skills’ section.

Background color picked for the ‘Contact’ section is really good and attractive. :clap:

Best luck! :+1:



Hi, while this portfolio is somewhat spectacular, it is also somewhat inconsistent.
How? well, your main section is really superb but the rest of your website doesn’t feel like it follows the same standard, in terms of design level, in terms of color scheme also. The contact section’s background is weird because of width, and the content in it… work it out.

Also, the main section’s navigation bar on hover effect is horrible.

One question: the project section, do you plan to fix/ work out your projects? it doesn’t look good, the projects themselves.
CV Rebuild: left-aligned. fix it.
FCC landing page, remove it. build your own landing page, imagine fictional product or something.
Tip Calculator: Your background image, is about 9MB in size, it’s HUGE! optimize that.

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Looks amazing! Can I ask you questions on your process? Your spacing in the work experience area might need help.

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wow! It’s so nice, i like it, makes me wanna go delete my responsive web design projects.

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Very nice choice of collor and the main photo is of very good taste.
I’ll make just a fill comments if I’m allowed:
In the skill’s part, for larg displays, make it 3 columns or center the content of the second row.
In the project, just a litlle of change in the writing:
These are jobs that I have done and others tha I am working on.
Congrats… really well done.

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Wow. This is awesome. I love the auto-typing and the overall feel. Good job.

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will work on them, thanks .
I am working on my sections.
I will fix them thanks.