Portfolio review for job

Hello everyone. I started programming back in June, 2020. Due to lack of time and college, I recently built this portfolio. I wanted to know if this portfolio is good enough to get a job. If you were an HR would you hire someone like this? What would be your feedback and suggestions to improve?
Any feedbacks are appreciated.
Link: portfolio

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Would love to hear some feedback from you @kevinSmith

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Cool. Of course, keep in mind that this is all just one man’s opinion…

I wanted to know if this portfolio is good enough to get a job.

That is an impossible question. It would be like asking “is this poker hand good enough to win”? Sure… maybe … depends. Could this get a job? Maybe. Is it likely to do that? Probably not. I’d want some more projects, preferably at least one that is not standard project and at least one where you’ve done some backend.

Think of this as an ongoing process. You need to keep building. Nearly any portfolio _could get some kind of job. We need to keep strengthening it to increase our odds.

The look of the portfolio is nice - interesting by not gaudy.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the multi-page portfolio site. What do people want to know when they get to your site? The first thing they want to know is what your techs are? I have to guess where to find those. I would rather just have one long page. I would have your introduction statement at the top, then list your techs, then your portfolio, then your “About” information, then your Contact info. I think that is easier for people to find.

I’m not sure what the siginificance of “raw and” is. It is confusing to me. Oh wait, I see, it is your name. It’s just confusing me because there those are both words in English so breaking it up like that makes it seem like they are just English words and not your name. It just creates confusion, imho.

Your technical skill section - as said, I think that should be on the main page (with everything else) but if you are going to have it on a different page, I would make it it’s own page, Skills, so it is easier to find. To me “About” is more about your coding journey.

And the skills should have labels. Not everyone that reads this will be a coder - there will be HR people too.

Don’t have “general skills”. Everyone is going to say they are good at teamwork, whether they are or not. “Company” and “Freelancing” are not skills. If you are skilled/experienced at design, then add that as a technical skill, or just call it “Skills”.

You can probably figure out some more skills.

Your Work section - as discussed, I think we need to fill this out, but this is a good start.

I might want the “Techs” things to pop more. Maybe lose the “Techs” label and just have a multi-column or horizontal list, I might include a mini-logo with each to make it “pop”.

I would also want a link to a pdf of a resume/CV. Some people still do things the old-fashioned way.

Do you have a linkedin presence?


I have some basic backend skills so I will try it this summer, but I have used firebase in one of the projects which you can perform CRUD.

I agree, some other people told me the same so I will keep this in mind and change it to a single page view.

Sorry for the confusion but yeah it is my name and I split it then put it as a logo. I had no idea what to put there as a logo.

That is right. I have participated in a bootcamp which taught us about these kinds of soft skills so I thought it could be nice to put it there.

Yes, I made my linkedin account a few days ago.

Thank you so much for nice your suggestions. I will definitely keep those in mind and appreciate your time.

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Yeah, I get that, branding is tough. I mean, you don’t need a logo. I just found what you have a little confusing.

That is right. I have participated in a bootcamp which taught us about these kinds of soft skills so I thought it could be nice to put it there.

Yes, those are important “soft skills”. But everybody says they have them. This are the kinds of things I might put in a cover letter, especially if I’m parroting wording in the job description.

But everyone applying for a job, if they say anything about it, are all going to say the same thing. These people read hundreds or even thousands of resumes - they know everyone will say this about themselves.

I don’t know, to me it just seems naive, like you think you are making a great point here but everyone reading it is just rolling their eyes. Maybe others disagree.

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I totally agree with you and understand it. I will try to remove this since it doesn’t look professional because everyone can have them in their resume but not in action.

This man’s opinion was great and thanks for the suggestions : )

@ErFy, a little off topic.
I went to your weather app. There seems to be an error when converting to fahrenheit. It correctly shows the temp for my city at 0.9 C but when I click the F it’s showing the temp at over 270 F. (The boiling point of water is 212 F)


Must be an American computer - doesn’t understand the metric system. :wink:


I didn’t notice this. It must convert Celsius to Kelvin. I haven’t done any calculation for it, it is just fetching from the api by which type the user select.
Thank you for pointing it out.

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Thank you BowenWalker : )

It depends for your ambitions where you wanna get hired.

This is probably the perfect answer for this kind of questions.

I didn’t understand this, can you elaborate more?
Honestly, I don’t want to get hired soon since I’m busy with college. However, I’m preparing my portfolio now so I can get a job in summer.

Would you be interested in collaborating.? I’m self-taught and I posted in here about getting other entry-level devs to join forces. I was thinking we could join each others’ discord channel, and contribute on GitHub repos. Let me know if you have time to do something like that.

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I would love to collaborate but since I’m a college student I only have time in summer. I have finals in the next following weeks and much stuff to do. I still can join your discord though if it is fine.

Well, right now it is only me in my Discord channel. I’m hoping I can get other entry-level people to join so we can talk web design & development.

Hello @ErFy
Like @kevinSmith had pointed out it really depends… and full disclosure I’ve never been on the hiring side of the table so I can’t really speak from that perspective but I was in the same boat as you teaching myself to code and took a bootcamp to accelerate that learning journey (What a waste of time and money that was) but the difference with me I was switching careers from 10 long years being in public accounting into tech, to make a long story short after 3 years journey I finally got hired as a full-stack dev last month and all I had is this very simple portfolio however my resume which I would normally send to apply listed my projects which in total I believe were 5 or 6 I’ll be honest with you some of them I’m not very proud.

Based on what I saw in your portfolio and your comments that I read here this is what I would recommend again this is a personal opinion I’m by no mean a hiring professional and as I mentioned I’ve never been on the hiring side of the table

  • Switch that site of yours to a single page application this is just the trend now a days
  • Fix any bugs mentioned here on your live applications
  • It is sad to have people confused about your name but it is indeed confusing when you break your name up like that because as it was pointed out becomes two english words and how I would fix it if I was in your shoe is either replace that with a logo with your initials maybe a circle with RK inside or if you’re going with a single page application and removing the links on the right just remove it all together from that top corner since you have it in the center of the page (Look at how I did it on my portfolio … that’s one way of doing it) I wouldn’t worry about branding for now if all you’re looking for is to get hired maybe deal with this issue when you’re trying to do freelancing that’s when I would deal with creating a brand… checkout hatchful it’s a free logo creator service by shopify it might be able to help you with a logo if you think having one is a must
  • Try to make your LinkedIn account as professional as possible and link it to your site and in your resume because that is more often than not the first impression you’ll make now a days … sorry I can’t help you there I always struggled with social media and my LinkedIn still sucks!
  • If you’re going to have an image on your portfolio site I would make it of your face not your back :joy:
  • I would add a contact me button on the page if I’m on your site and I would like to get in touch with you I would rather click on a button somewhere on the top rather than switching pages or scrolling to the bottom of the page this most likely won’t matter for employers it is more if you’re interested in freelancing opportunities
  • In your projects I would remove the portfolio project since it is the site that I’m on but definitely list it on your resume and pin it in your github profile if anyone wants to see the code for it.
  • When I look at your portfolio and then go to your github profile I’m a bit confused on what it is you actually want and what you do your messaging is all over the place on your home page you have “a passionate web developer” on the about page you say “I’m a self-taught programmer” and then on the same paragraph you have “I’m always looking for new challenges and opportunities” but on your github page you say “An enthusiastic front-end developer.” I think if you change these to have targeted messaging of what exactly it is you do and what you’re looking for and make it the same everywhere.

Again the above points are just my personal opinion and if you ask 10 different people you might very well get 10 different answers about this topic, at the end of the day collect opinions and take from it what you think is right… to be honest this all probably won’t matter and you get hired based on an impression you make on that first interview I’ve hear way too many stories of colleagues and friends that got hired just because they said something that interested their interviewer.

Hope this was helpful and wish you best of luck in your journey.

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Hey Neenus. Thank you for the feedback.
Nice to hear your story and I like the simplicity of your portfolio.

I think the website is already SPA. What you mean is to make it one view website for example having all the content on the home page.

Yeah, that is true. I will check out the link you provided for making a logo.

I’m still trying. The issue is that I don’t have any work experience with other companies so I don’t much stuff to fill the experience. I tried my best to fill as much as I could.

I also got this feedback from a friend lol. I don’t have a good quality picture of my face xD

I thought of this but then I started to think why would someone try to contact me directly when they have just landed on my page. I mean there is no point of them messaging me without seeing my work.

That is honestly a great point that I haven’t noticed. But I’m also an undergraduate student and study at SWE. I will try to find the best title that fits me.

Thank you so much again for your feedback. I will definitely try to implement them when I have time. I will make the changes in the summer right before I’m applying for a job.

Sorry for the confusion yes your site is an SPA since you’re using React and React Router but to the user its acting as if it is multi-page website but what I meant is have everything on one view with different sections to scroll to instead of switching views.

Understandable. Thank you.