Would you hire me? Yes, no Why?

Hello all,

I have decided to go all in. I quit my very tough, and very sickening retail job and have decided to dive in. I’d like feedback on if you would hire me or not. My portfolio is at http://kylecrfahey.com. If you feel I have made a mistake and I am a long ways away from a job let me know. Honest feedback.

Bonus love if you want to spot check my site for errors.

Thanks you guys! This community has been of huge support!


HMU w/ some bonus love! Haha. You have a broken image in your portfolio section.

EDIT: On a serious note, I’m personally against the progress bar skills percentages. You’re rating yourself thinking how much you might know a topic which you could benefit or set up to fail. I think it’s better to have your projects reflect your tagged skills.


Well I think planning is the key to success before quitting you should get another job rather then after quitting and finding another job. :slight_smile: its much easier and you are still financially stable that way… Honest opinion.

Now lets come to would people hire you they will definitely since you are passionate about i about it so just dont give up and keep trying :)… wish you luck btm follow this thumb rule for resume only metion the details which are relevant for the job you are applying and keep everythingt limited to one page.

You desperately need to copyedit your text: “backgorund”, “Understnding”, “redicoulous” etc.

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Below are my honest opinions of your homepage and there is room for improvement. That said, i liked your work, you are definitely in the right direction: good work!


1. Keep page title constant in the site (dont change it for each URL)
2. Add favicon


1. Fix the broken link: http://kylecrfahey.com/imgs/jasmineTesting.png
2. “skills.”,“FULL-STACK.” & “Chicago Based.”: Make it the same font and size as “Why Hire Me?” and remove the dot’s
3. order the progress bar skills by skill level (is confusing to understand “at a glance” your strong assets) and dont strech it acress the page (suggest: center in a bootstrap 2-8-2)


1. Make pictures point to the project (Heroku, CodePen, etc)
2. Replace “github” box with the github action icon


1. Increase font size (hard for me to read… but i am getting old, that could be why)


1. There are 2 “rows” of contact icons but they “look & feel” different makes the page a bit “strange”… suggestion: use the same style for the mail/phone/skype than linkedIn/etc and remove the “reddish” text (mail, phone, etc)… since its a hiperlink you dont need the text.
2. This happens because the linkedIn etc is a footer. In the contacts are in a footer across all sections, do you need a contacts page?

Hope it helps,
Good luck


I’m sure he appreciates you telling him that after he has already quit, very helpful.

Anyway there will always be another shitty job to go back to, so fuck it.


I really dislike the way you’ve done your overall color scheme, especially your text over images.

On first glance, it looks sleek & modern though as you review it looks like you’ve taken bits and bobs from other websites & slapped WordArt over it. Try experimenting with image overlays so you do not need to add a background around your text to make it readable. You may also want to look into web design fundamentals as I found them very helpful

& other things I noticed,

  • Your second image is redundant. You could remove it & add the information to the top image while using the same font style.

  • Projects don’t line up & should be at the bottom of the page, imo

  • Why Hire me? Massive gap between the content on the left & right. It could be reduced to reduced to 3 left to right greatest strength summaries & one reference to retail experience would be sufficient.

  • Button colors do not match anything else in the page & look out of place.

  • skill graphs need to be completely removed or re-worked. What are they supposed to even mean? For example, you’ve listed Node as 95% yet have mostly basic projects displayed. A short summary of your experience elsewhere in the page would be better.

  • About page text to small & can be difficult to read in some places & from the about page, Home redirects to hmtl

  • Contact page is just horrendous

The font on your About page is too small for my 13-inch MacBook, other then that, you are hire!

In general, it doesn’t demonstrate strong design skills to give text a background color.

Definitely, like @george-stepanek said, avoid misspellings and grammatical errors. Definitely. I don’t think it’s a myth that these things can immediately turn off potential employers, because they immediately turn me off (it’s true I’m not an employer, but I’m a human).

Is “Coming from a backgornd in sales, I understand what the client wants, how they want it, and how fast they need it.” intended as a parallax effect? Text isn’t generally used as a background element in parallax scrolling, because it’s hard to read. Your page transitions aren’t smooth, either, but this is a relatively small issue, all things considered.

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I’m not a designer at all. I feel comfortable with JS. I was trying to make it look nicer. I don’t claim designer skills at all.

Hi Kyle,

I really liked your site. For me, visiting your page had quite a few pros and really only one con. Having said that, this is what I noticed…


  1. Typos - it would be really worthwhile for you to read back through your text throughout your page and fix the typos and misspelled words.


  1. Your breadth of your skill set in programming/coding comes through loud and clear, as well as your people skills and sales experience.

  2. I enjoyed reading your about section - and think its great that you started programming so young! I also enjoyed the humor you interspersed throughout.

  3. I love the monochrome photos you chose for your background as well as the parallax scrolling.

  4. There’s something to be said for having a positive attitude - it will make you a better programmer, and also a better employee and co-worker in the long run.

  5. Motivation - you seem really motivated - I would think that would interest any potential employer.

In short, if I was an employer looking to hire, I would call you in for an interview. Keep up the good work furthering your skills - as you know the more skills you have the more hire-able you are. I keep reminding myself of that too :slight_smile: Hope my review helps you make the best decision possible for your future!

All the best,

p.s. I also checked for any errors in the console on your main pages and found none :slight_smile:


If it helps at all, I started coding by learning CSS from my Dad - I’m very familiar with the designer side of things and I really liked what I saw on your page :slight_smile: Don’t be discouraged - don’t put your skills down, especially not to a potential employer. If you feel there is room for improvement - you will but I thought your site was great. :slight_smile: - Jessi


Thank you Jessi. You made my day!

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I just found your etch-a-sketch project - super cool and really fun to play around with :slight_smile:

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I agree with some of your points and will fix them however the verbiage you use in your criticism is more negative than not.

no problem - Hope you have a great rest of your day!

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I was responding to your resume title of “Web Designer.”

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@coles303, I am not going to say there is anything wrong with what you said, but I will point out that another user here flagged your post as inappropriate. I deferred (another mod may still look at it), but I think you should try to be a little bit more friendly and give more constructive criticism than just degrade someone.


I should probably fix that. Never hire somebody out to write your resume…

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I didn’t flag it but I’d tend to agree. Really wasn’t fun reading that post. If it was worded a bit differently, great. But words like ‘horrendous’ aren’t helpful. Specifically pointing out what you do think is wrong, is helpful.