Re-made my Portfolio. Please rate from 1 - 10

Hey Guys!

I did a remake of my portfoilo page some days back. Would like you guys to rate it. Please also rate the projects that are listed in the My works section of it.

Note: About me section will be added sometime later.

Link v-2:

Update DT 14-feb-2018: Please use v-2 link as I am updating my portfolio the third time on the original link. :slight_smile:



Great work, it looks really amazing!

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This is a slick looking site. I’m not sure that I’m crazy about the animated icons for the skills. It is well done, but I found that having animation on each page is a bit overwhelming.

I think that the ‘home page’ looks great, but you may wish to consider adding the navbar on that page as well to help encourage people looking at your content…

All of that said, this is a great looking site. Great job!

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That looks amazing man I really dig the animation touch. 8.5!

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The design is great, however I noticed quite a few spelling mistakes. I know that isn’t coding related but I feel it’s important if you’re trying to get freelance work to look as professional as possible.

I also assume English isn’t your first language so don’t take this to heart, you’re doing great!

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Very nice looking. Maybe drop some of the animation, specifically on the portfolio part and the skills. The rest of the transitions are very nice.


Sure i will add a transparent navbar along with an about me page. Thanks for appreciation and suggestions. :slight_smile:

You are right about the fact that English not my first language, Actually it is third. :grin: will re-read every thing to for spelling. Thanks for pointing that out soft skills do matter a lot as in Tech as far as I have heard.

Thanks for the review and suggestion. Well I personally am a big fan of fancy animations. Will look if i could replace them with more decent ones

Hi Nawaish,

It looks very nice. The below are a few comments to get it the last bit of polish. Worked with some perfectionists at a high end digital marketing agency and starting to spot all these details now…

The website itself:
Something about the animations didn’t quite feel natural. My eye had to wait for them, which isn’t usually the greatest user experience. I would suggest experimenting with the speed and try making them faster.

The margins and some alignments need tweaking on mobile. The text was very squashed due to a large amount of padding.

Bug: on mobile the menu doesn’t collapse when you click a link, most of the time at least.

I don’t understand why the menu vanishes if I go back to the home screen. Seems like usability is lost in the name of style to me. Usability should always be first.

Skills section:
You know HTML and CSS, awesome, I figured that out already from the fact that you made this portfolio website. How as an employer do I know that you have the other skills I need for you to fit into my project?

What team work experience do you have?
Do you know how to work in an agile process?

Try to think about why each project is on your website. The one that I went to seemed to have a lot of overlap with the portfolio site. I already know you are great at CSS, HTML, animations etc. from the portfolio site.
So what does each other project add?
Does one show kick ass back end skills that the others don’t?
Does one of your projects show a kick ass piece of work using the HTML canvas element?
If it does show these things off, how would I know? As an employer I’m lazy, I’m not going to click through them all, I want to glance and skim.

Keep up the great work and hope that feedback helps!


@craigrpears This is the best Feedback I could ever have. Thank you very much for the the time to write this detailed response. I am definitely going to improve over the flaws you pointed out. :slight_smile:

currently working on Navigation to improve usability for both desktops and mobile. And for the skills section I still need to improve a lot and I am one of those people who can’t describe themselves properly.

For the portfolio part I will try adding more reasonable details. But I think they are all mostly the same type of projects so don’t really now how to differentiate between them in that small space for description.

font sizes are yet to be adjusted but am too busy to make it fully mobile ready. So left it as it is.

Then just take it as an indicator of where the next step is with your projects :). Don’t try and create detail or differentiation if none really exist, you can go mad trying to do that.

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Just did the mobile Nav collapse adjustment you pointed out. @craigrpears Now going back to some Algorithm solving at FCC. :slight_smile:

it a 9 from me, its Awesome. Great work.

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Great work but I am no longer a fan of animation so I rate it only 7 :slight_smile:

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Hello, this is a nice looking site. Lots of white space. I also like the typography, its spot on for me in terms of readability and look.

I think the animations are a bit over the top though, especially on the portfolio items. Some of them do compliment the site, like the nav bar coming in niceley but you seem to have animated every element so it looks a bit like a showcase for a wordpress theme. In fact I looked in dev tools to check!

lose some (nearly all) of those animations and your site looks very professional.

Yeah I am also looking forward to remove most of the animations. Thinking of replacing them with linear ones like i have for headings and other text.what you say? Will post an updated version once i get everything sorted out. Will adding a navbar for home as well.

@MARKJ78 @craigrpears Hi guys!

I just changed lots of little things in my site. Please do check it out again. Menu is yet to be made transparent for the cover section.

Below are some of the things that were changed.

  1. Animations tailored down to some smooth ones and speed increased for animations.

  2. Spell mistakes rectified.

  3. Form padding adjusted.

  4. Font sizes adjusted to support smaller devices.

Next work will be on Transparent Navbar that will match the theme color once it leaves Home section.

Suggest more edits if it still it lacks something.



Still looking good and still very animated, I also had a good look at each of your projects (well done btw) and you really do love love love those animations don’t you :slight_smile:

Ok they’re here to stay, I think they do look better for being toned down and actually on my mobile (I’ve been relegated from the desktop) they do have a lazy loading effect and much less of the flying in from every direction, which of course makes it all much easier on the eyes. Style and colours and typography still right up my street and alignment looks good too.

Menu bar changing colour (yes this is the real way to spell Color) - I did something similar, only mine didn’t change colour it was sticky, like I scrolled down past the first screen and picked up the menu which became fixed. The javascript relied on being told on which div was the sticking point and I probably still have it somewhere, so if you get stuck I might be able to help with that.

Tip for you, put brackets around your FCC font icon and you have the full logo :+1:

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Hahaha @MARKJ78 Yeah I really love those Animations. May be because I am new to Web development that could be the reason :smiley:. Well my last menu was the same as you are describing yours but there was no menu on Home screen. So as @craigrpears suggested I put the Navbar on top .

Well I have two ideas actually for the Navbar.

  1. Put a duplicate of the original Navbar on home section (transparent version) and then keep the original as it was above the “This is What I do section”.

  2. As i mentioned before the color changing one.

What would be better? In think first option would be better cause when page will get scrolled down no sticky transparent stuff will overlap home section. Where as in second option A transparent bar will be overlaping the contents of home until the color change…