Have I overdone it with my portfolio? (*updated)

UPDATE: Thanks a lot guys for your amazing suggestions and ideas, I’m really grateful! I have now updated my portfolio with some changes. The original portfolio from this post can be found here. If you have any further comments on the new one I’ll be happy to hear them. Thanks!

Hey guys!

I’ve finished front-end part and started back-end. I’ve decided to redesign my portfolio to make it more suitable for sending to potential employers. I’m really into code based animations and wanted to show of my skills through this portfolio, but I’ve been told that it’s too cluttered and over-designed.

What do you guys think? What should I improve to make it look better?
And what do think about the scrollbar hijacking? I really liked it when I first saw it, but I’ve recently learned that apparently it’s a big “no no”.

Thanks for any feedback! The more honest, the better!


Wow, looks really nice! It is indeed a bit “flashy”. For the start screen I would suggest only running an animation once (not when moving the mouse). Also the dropdown of the menu could be slighty faster. Not really relevant but I suggest you use more descriptive id’s (http://catico.xyz/#about instead of http://catico.xyz/#sec3). But seriously this is one of the most awesome portfolio’s I have seen here!


Seriously, tell those idiots to shut up. Its fantastic. The only thing I can sayis don’t have the skill icons move around, I had problems getting an idea of all you knew, partly because I just was moving my mouse in awe and couldn’t focus on what you did.

Edit: how long have you been doing this?


Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it. Running the animation once on start screen - you mean the floating triangles or the tilting background? (or both?).
Yeah, you’re right about the dropdown, it’s pretty slow.
The ids are actually numbered so that I can loop through them in Javascript more easily, but you have a point that it probably looks weird in links afterwards.


Thanks for advice, I didn’t think of that other people will play with it and that it will distract them from the actual content, but it makes sense, I also play with it every time when I scroll to that part :smiley:

It took me way too long, about one month, but I had several versions with different animations and was constantly changing my mind about everything, so maybe that’s why.

This is the best portfolio I have seen so far. Great job.


Freaking amazing portfolio. NICE JOB!!

I would try to make the scroll animation a bit smoother.


I really don’t like when websites screw with my mouse’s scroll wheel (like yours does).

I tend to agree with that.

Your portfolio is definitely cool to look at and as demonstration of your design skills it is awesome, but… from user experience point of view I would say that your webpage is confusing (e.g. had to look around to find out how to open a project; skills section is just an inactive page, but feels like there is something to click).

But as I said - as a demo of your design and animation skills it is awesome.

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WOW…it is really inspiring…congratulations! I completely agree with IsaacAbrahamson…it is a great showcase of skill and talent =).

The following is just intended to give feedback:

  • I miss maybe a few lines explaining about yourself and how do you approach work (perhaps in the skills? I agree with jenovs in what it feels like there is something to click there and this might be it…).
  • I personally don’t like the animation at the beginning very much.

That looks amazing, gj.

Thanks, I really appreciate your honesty. The more I read about the scroll-jacking, the more I know I will have to remove it. Do you think it is a good portfolio to send to companies (not actual clients) or does it look too unprofessional?
I would really like to improve it, but I’m not sure if adding/removing few things would make it significantly better or if I should go with completely different design?

Thanks for feedback! I was thinking about putting paragraph about myself, but I’m very bad at writing so I didn’t put it there, but I agree that it’s missing there. And which animation do you mean at the beginning? The loading screen?

I’m not even remotely qualified to answer this question, but I think there are some campers with real life design skills who will be more than happy to give you an honest opinion.

The tilting background is fine (subtle enough) , I meant the floating triangles. The name of the ids isn’t really relevant, but I saw it so I thought I’d just mention it. BTW: if you do want to change it, you might give all the divs the same class and loop through that.


It is Insane. One of the best portfolios ever

You are welcome. Thanks to you for showing, sharing and asking others. I liked very much the display of skills as a cloud of icons…with your permission I think I will borrow and re-factor it one day…=)…when I have my own portfolio ready…
About the writing, it can be something short for each topic, like achievements you made or how you like to start a project…just one sentence…maybe something out of the random uote machine that fits the skill? =).
About the animation, I meant the loading screen, yes, but this just goes with tastes, and that is something that goes with times =P.

Please did you learn all that off freecodecamp? im a newbie and its so inspiring. the animation is amaze-balls.

waoh very fantastic i real like it!!..by the way how long it took you to finish your portfolio??

The Best so far no doubt ; Congratulations :smiley:

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Yes, of course, borrow anything you want, everything’s on Github :slight_smile: Yeah, I agree I really should put something there, thanks for advice.