Decided to redesign my portfolio. Feedback welcome!

Decided to change my portfolio because my previous one was a bit dated and ugly. Can you guys give some tips/feedback to improve my portfolio (and code if you want to :slight_smile: )


Hello @iamarra, good job on the portfolio!

I really like the design and colours, you did a great job.

The two small problems that I see are:

  1. Each of your skills has the pointer cursor, which might confuse someone in thinking that these are links. I would recommend maybe to play just a small animation when you hover over them.

  2. The project slideshow is great, but maybe adding arrows to navigate between them would make it a bit better. Right now there is only 2 projects, but if you start having more than that, I will not think that a potential employer would sit and wait for each one of them to show up.

That is all, have a good day!

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Thanks for the feedback mate! Will work on it!

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Nice and simple design! I really like it when people use warm color schemes in any it-related website (instead of only cold colors or grey tones).

There’s just this issue with the contact info. The project slideshow overlaps the skills section and that makes the contact icons invisble and unclickable.

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Since some of your projects are responsive web-pages, you should show it by including the preview of the web-site in a smartphone on top of the desktop preview in the slideshow.
Very nice and clean design, very dutchy color, I like it.

good work

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im pretty sure your layout breaks on mobile, at least via devtools. part of the text seems to be obscured, theres a random gap at the bottom of your page, etc