Please rate my portfolio!

I’ve spent like 4 months studying web development now and I feel like I have learned really little :frowning:.

Can you guys please check out my portfolio and review it? I’d really be thankful :slight_smile:.

Also, just keep in mind that this is not my first attempt at a portfolio, this is my second attempt after working on a couple other freeCodeCamp projects meanwhile.

One specific question too: what do you think about using images as backgrounds for all three sections of the page? Do you think it looks cool or would it be better if I used simple coloring/gradients?

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This is pretty good! It’s mobile-responsive and all of it’s functionality appears to work correctly. I found it interesting how you converted your portfolio area into a carousel for mobile! Very nice.

My suggestions:

  • Add a profile image, so people know that you are a human. :smile_cat:
  • Increase the font-sizes a bit more to increase readability.
  • Add a title and/or short description to each each portfolio item.
  • You could try breaking up your profile summary into two or three blocks of text to improve readability.
  • Perhaps, you could space out your skills icons more and add a hover-effect that shows the skill’s name.
  • You could maybe make the social icons bigger on medium & large screens.

Pretty dope portfolio overall. I’d recommend checking out team treehouse’s Design Foundations course. This course helped me improve my eye for design and it might do the same for you.

Great job so far, and keep up the awesome work! :smile_cat:

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Hey, thanks a lot mate, I really appreciate the feedback. I’ll keep your suggestions in mind, they are ALL really helpful and totally on point.

Also, damnn, I was literally looking for something to help me improve my design sense these days and I copped a few books on design just yesterday, lol. So, you really shared this course with me in the right moment, just when I needed it. I’ll check it out, I had no idea TeamTreeHouse offered free courses too. Thanks again!

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