My first Portfolio Site! Please review and Criticize design and Code. Thank you!

First Portfolio Page. !!

I can keep on making changes forever, but I think 2 weeks is enough!
Not perfect, but done

I am open to criticism both on design and on coding.
What do you guys think?

I realize it looks more like a portfolio for a freelancer than for a job, but that will come later.

I have to improve my CSS positioning skills, I move things, but suffer each time!

I am going to move ahead with Javascript and then move back to HTML/CSS :heart_eyes:

I could have sworn I saw your page and replied before! But I think maybe it was for a different thread… I know just how you feel, its so easy to keep nitpicking away and changing "just this one last little thing then Im done!’ but you’re never done…everrr… I just have to pack it up and say done else Id work on my designs foreverrr hahaha so you’r not alone.

Your layout needs some work, the biggest thing really is that your pictures are not responsive and get completely cut off in mobile view, so I suggest max-width: 100%; in your css for your img class. The only other thing would be your navigation, because of the about of space you have around them, it wraps around and takes up two lines in mobile view. so I suggest either making the margins smaller or go for percentages instead of hardcoding that in. :slight_smile:

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You had indeed given me some feedback on another post where I asked specifically about how to improve my design and you offered good resources in books and websites :slight_smile:

I thank you!

I will go back to this page after I go over them and with a renewed sense of style and responsiveness


Thank you so much, you are always very generous with your feedback.!!!

Awe no worries Im glad I can help! I mostly know HTML and CSS, looking forward to when I can also help out with the JavaScript, but for now, Im the one who needs as much help as I can get in that department lol but we all start somewhere right?! I just have a thing where if I ask for help, I turn around and make sure to offer others help or even just some encouragement cause it really does help to know someones checking your work out! You’ll do great :smiley:

I am hitting JS really hard right now because I got an opportunity to help a non-profits with JS. So I am learning/doing . Will be looking out for your JS questions to see if I can assist :slight_smile:
I am just starting myself, but I will certainly try.

What a great opportunity! Yeah, that will help motivate you, and having a real project that will help someone out is a great way to learn what you need to get it done. It’s going to be awhile before Ill be done with all the certificates and be able to collaborate on a non profit project for FCC, but it would be great to find some place local do do something for cause thats a great idea.