Review on portofolio page

would you kindly review my portofolio page.
please iam eager to get your feedback.
this is the link

First, it looks like all of the links are broken. It’s hard to critique elements that aren’t there.

Second, the color schemes are a bit erratic. Fonts, buttons, links…they’re all different colors. Establish a design language of what you want to convey through your site, then follow that.

It doesn’t look finished. :zipper_mouth_face:

I completely agree with Jordan. I don’t mean to demoralize you , but it does look bad. I didn’t go in to the source, but I reckon that you uses absolute measurements in the vertical positioning. Never do this. I viewed this page on mobile , and everything went “hotch-potch” .

In one word your page is not mobile optimized. To do this, if you are using a PC for development, then you can realize the browser window in which you are previewing it and make use of media queries.

Added to this, many images could not be loaded . I dont know if its a problem with my device, but if not, you need to work on it.

P.S. as you are reading this, please bother to review my Product Landing Page (incomplete)

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@Saransh-123 For feedback you should create a separate post. Otherwise this thread might receive feedback for 2 projects. (Better would be posting a link to another forum post).
Therefore, I will not give feedback on your project on this thread.