I'm not 100% happy but would love some feedback for this newbie!

Phew! This portfolio project has been a challenge! My page feels too heavy and a huge jumble of stuff at the moment, but I learned a lot in my first go! Hopefully I can learn a bit more and improve for the next try. I still can’t get it fully responsive for all devices but hopefully I can pick up some more skills to work on this. I’d really appreciate feedback and any help you can offer. Thanks in advance!

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Hey there Wendy!

I don’t know what you have to be disappointed about on this portfolio, you’re putting us other newbies to complete shame! The design is great and all the hover effects work well.

I checked it out on mobile (iPhone Safari if it makes a difference), and the portfolio images were not responsive. The logo was a little off too.

But still… this portfolio makes me want to work on mine for months until I perfect it. Great job

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Wow! Thanks a lot to you both!
It’s good to have confirmation that it is time to move on. It’s too easy to keep tweaking😅