My portfolio, feedback is appreciated

Hi there,

I’ve more or less finished my portfolio page. I’m quite happy with it, given I’m very much new to this.
I’m not 100% happy with how the image in it is working out, I’ve tried to make it responsive and think it works, but I had to mess about a lot with it. I’ve struggled with choosing the right text colour, gone for red in the end as its viewable on a mobile screen.

It’s basic, but I hope to add to it as I get better. I’m sure my code is a big mess!

Feedback, help and any suggestions would be greatfully received!



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Hi Katie… I had a look at your portfolio…here is what I think you can improve:

Your home background picture is not a very good resolution. A better picture would give your portfolio a better look. If you would like to make changes, there is a website called unsplash that offers free, high resolution photos for you to access. Take a look and see if there is anything you like.

Your portfolio is pretty neat as it is but I think some styled fonts will make it look more professional.

That is all. Best of luck! :sunny: Hopefully this was of some help :smile:

Thanks for the suggestions and the image website suggestion.
I’ve now worked on my portfolio some more and like it much more (not 100% about the colours but its a personal choice I suppose).

Here is a new link Portfolio1


Very nice! I definitely like the layout and that handy nav-bar at the top there with the social media icons!

And your code is very easy to read :+1:t4: