My portfolio: Feedback welcome!

So here is my portfolio, it’s very basic. Please let me know what my BIGGEST and MOST GLARING mistakes were. I know I made a lot. Thanks!

See the Pen Portfolio by Tom Landis (@Tlandis) on CodePen.

Hi, ok so some things I picked up. Your background image is to big in file size, it also does not work with some of your text sections, the chosen colors make it unreadable. There was a good post recently about image sizes on Medium here

Then the opacity on the navbar is not working well. When you scroll the page it clashes with the content.
Try to resize your images in the You-tube sections so that it is uniform in size. Take a look at the this

All in all the site looks stretched out and not coherent. Try making the images smaller and use a color scheme that brings it all together. The section on Chinese and trains… not so much relevant.

Go check out Devtips an amazing YouTube channel that will inspire and help.

Good luck

Thanks so much. I just finished reading the medium article you recommended. Your suggestions will all be implemented as soon as I become an image resizing expert, which with the great resources you gave will be in no time flat. Thanks for detailed reply!:grin: