Portfolio Project - Looking for Feedback on My Portfolio

Hello everyone. Just finished my portfolio project and would like to get some feedback. Loving everything that the course has given me and want to get this done so I can keep going!

Awesome job on the social media hover. Overall good structure. Meets the requirements of the project. Maybe its my older browser, but your nav doesn’t seem to be responsive. The nav starts to disappear as screen width gets narrower. If this is an issue because of my older browser, then disregard.
If it isn’t because of my older browser, I would suggest some kind of responsive nav design. Today’s developers almost always have to have a mobile first mindset.

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Awesome job, if I were you, I would add some more color because the page looks a wee bit grayish. Anyways, it looks professional. Also, I like the way the navbar directs you smoothly to each element. That is a nice element.
Your fellow camper