My personal portfolio project feedback please

Hey guys I’ve completed my personal portfolio project and wanted to get some feedback.

With every project, I’ve tried something new mainly to cement my learnings and also to see which style I like more or it is more appropriate for the task at hand, this time I tried Sass as opposed to regular CSS syntax which I found incredible intuitive although all the nesting kinda drove me insane for a bit, even though I ended up writing my css styles like 3 times (no exaggeration) I liked it!

Anyways what do u guys think:

Thanks in advance. Ped./

Well done! Nice & Clean. I would,

remove horizontal scroll bar. Your page is creating one.
Create hover effects when mouse hovers on your projects and social icons.
There is white gap at the end of your page.

Good luck :slight_smile:



Tnx man for the suggestions … Grrrrr I really do hate when I’m not thorough enough can’t believe I missed all these.

Tnx again!