A tongue-in-cheek Personal Portfolio

hi y’all!

I was a bit dismayed that I had to produce a personal portfolio to complete the Responsive Web Design projects, as I really didn’t feel like producing a real one (for many reasons). I eventually stopped procrastinating and even had some fun compiling some of what I learned into this one.
Full disclosure: I’m still struggling with it on mobile (so please review only on desktop/laptop) because the projects section is jittery, but in the meantime, I’d love to hear any feedback. (Keeping in mind the tongue-in-cheek aspect. I would never provide this to a prospective employer).

thanks so much!

Edit: made some minor fixes based on feedback received:

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Looks quite alright. (Viewed from a phone lol). A tad of horizontal scroll is present. Maybe box-sizing can fix that. Other than that, you could make it more visually interesting? Transitions, animations and the like. Instead of a static :neutral_face: face. That is my take. :smiley:

Happy coding!

Hi there! thanks for reviewing! Can you tell me where the horizontal scroll was seen? (around which area? thanks) I’m struggling with the animations that I have added already (they don’t work on mobile). But on desktop, the projects have a couple of things going on hover (the menu does too).

I was trying to get the ‘star-wars’ scrolling effect too, but it was just a no-go for mobile.

oh i figured out what you meant about the scroll… thx @kirubiel

Well the background moves along in mobile so you have that going for you. I guess things get a little different when coding for mobile. After all there is no hover on mobile lol…yet! One day it will.

Yeah but I think animations and transitions work. I don’t know if you do have them, and if you do, why they don’t work.

Horizontal scroll is fixed btw.

Can you show me your code tho?

here’s a link to the editor view: https://codepen.io/hbar1st/pen/GGbGKe

500 lines of CSS should definitely pack a treat on desktop. Wonder how much more it will take to fix it on mobile. :worried:

it is long but mostly because I was trying to debug things and had to expand things that I could have pulled into a single selection…

Thanks so very much for the review! May I ask what browser you are using ? And if you are on a large or smaller monitor? Thanks again!