Personal Portfolio --- Feedback

So finally i have completed my last Responsive Web Design Project.
Check it out and give a feedback if you like.


Oh my God! What a wonderful design and project! I like it very much and it’s simple, yet powerful. I like the way you arranged your projects and it’s clear and precise. But, can’t you center your about me text vertically? Anyway, great job and I love the hover animation for the icons.

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This is such a beautiful design, @mdshariq ! Well done!

Thank you @paulsonstech :innocent:

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Thank You @MawCee :blush:

Nice job @mdshariq! You’ve a good eye for design.

The only feedback I have is;

  • group all your like media queries together rather than having them scattered throughout. It’ll make maintenance a lot easier in the future.
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Thank you @Roma :blush: and yes i should’ve structured my CSS but laziness got in the way :sweat_smile: i’ll make some changes to it now.