Portfolio Project Requesting Feedback

Looking for some feedback on my portfolio page!

I know I can make this look much better with javascript, but sticking to HTML and CSS for now.

Thanks a ton!

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This is a great portfolio. I love your logo. Looks great on all screen sizes.

Thanks a ton! I expect it to grow a ton as I learn more - do you recommend keeping the same general theme?

Wow - I LOVE IT!!! It looks really great, it’s mobile responsive, I love the GIF logo, and the other websites you link to also look great! The picture of you is a little blurry, but other than that; I think you have great potential as a web developer.

It looks great
your tech documentation page links to the survey form
could use a more focused picture of you

Thank you so much! Yeah, I do need to find a new image to upload.

Thanks - agreed, the picture should be better. And fixed that, it now links to the tech page. Thank you!