FCC Portfolio Project Feedback Wanted

I have finished the first draft of my Portfolio project. I image over the next few months, as my knowledge grows, so will the look and feel of the site. At this point, I chose a minimalist style.

Let me know what you think…

nice! this looks pretty good.

If you wanted me to be nit picky, i can give you some opinions

first, I think you could do with an accent color. you use the gold a little bit with your name in the footer, but I think you could splash that color in a couple of other places, even if its small graphics or something.

the padding for your portfolio thumbnails are wider on the sides than on the top, which looks wierd. I would try to make them the same size.

lastly, does your “contact me” section actually work? I’ve been seeing a lot of these at the end of people’s portfolio projects, but if you look at the requirements, it’s not one. It’s just in the example portfolio that they give. I would highly suggest taking it out if it doesn’t work.

honestly though, really great portfolio page, looks really slick

Hi Adam,

I really appreciate the time you took to look at my page and for giving my your feedback!

Totally agree that a splash of color would make the site more visually appealing. I plan on this being an ongoing project, so that will certainly be coming.

Those Bootstrap thumbnails are a little wonky. You should have seen how strange they looked before I made some CSS changes! However, I also noticed that the sides are not even with the top. To make a blatant excuse, I think I chose to overlook it after 2 days of working on this site. Lame, I know. In the future, I might try to make thumbnails from the ground up.

No, the form does not work. The requirements do not necessitate that it works and that’s a good thing since I still need to learn a server-side language well enough to do something with the info collected by the form.

Again, I appreciate your feedback. It was useful and given with a great tone.