FCC Personal Portfolio - Feedback

This is my final project, feedback is appreciated

This looks pretty good modern website, especially like the colors. I would

fix your bootstrap image.
give some paddings for your language images.
make it responsive. Notice you have a side scroll bar on mobile views.

Good luck :+1:

Looks good.

On really large screens, you end up with 3 project thumbnails on the top row and just 1 on the bottom row. That kind of stuff drives me crazy in my own projects, but not sure how important it really is. I always like to have it be 2 on top, 2 on bottom, or 4 on one row, or 1 on each row, this sort of thing, depending on screen size.

I think everything is ok now, thanks

I had my write up all ready to go, needed to take my dogs for a run and when I came back, all the issues were “fixed”. I like it! Nice Job.