Feedback on my personal portfolio page. <3

Hey guys! Alright so this may very well be my first time posting in the freeCodeCamp forums if I remember correctly.

I’ve been studying Web Development for a little over a year now. And I have been lucky enough to be able to grab some freelance projects (Mostly WordPress sites) which is alright but I definitely want to be getting into developing fullstack applications with JavaScript in the future, and it appears that the freelance landscape is a little short on that?

It’s been awhile since I’ve done freecodecamp as I’ve been bouncing all over place in my learning journey! And the curriculum has changed drastically, so I’m pretty far behind in regards to it.

I am currently going through the Responsive Web Design Cert projects as we speak, but I have already created a portfolio site awhile back.

I’ve been trying to refactor the existing code to work in compliance with the testing cdn link provided by FCC, however I’m getting a little bit bogged down with
(User Story #10: The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport.) But I’m sure I’ll figure it out!

In the meantime if it interests any of you here is my current portfolio site! and it’s repository!

I appreciate any kind of feedback I get, and I would also like to know if this portfolio is good enough to show potential employers?

Cheers! -Fred

Looks beautiful! I especially like the animations that you have going there when I hover on links :slight_smile:

I noticed that your site isn’t responsive on mobile views. It’s creating horizontal scrollbar and things don’t look centered.

Well done & good luck!

Thanks man! Really appreciate it!
Darn it lol… Do you know which mobile screen sizes it’s having issues with? I’m noticing things flowing outside of their container around the 400px width mark.
But can’t find signs of horizontal scroll bars on my end. Please let me know if you can!

Thanks again!

Looks like I can’t replicate it like last night.

But your email icon is still cut off at mobile view for iphone5/SE

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Too much rainbow colors. It’s a very cool effect. But too much salt in the soup won’t make it better.

your navigation on the side is pretty cool. I LIKE!
I like the e-mail button in the right bottom corner. Looks cool!

As i mentioned i would delete the rest of the rainbow colors. Makes me feel like you found an effect from 1990 and want to show to the world, that this effect still exists.

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For me, the CSS animations are a bit much, but I will say this: No employer looking at this site will quickly forget you, and that’s a good thing! An alternative would be to build a site page that shows off the full extent of your CSS knowledge and pare it back on your portfolio page so prospective employers don’t get distracted by all the cool animations (just me? lol). Otherwise, beautifully done and presented!

Also, view height has to be set to 100 and perhaps playing with some margin set to a view height may help (it did for me).

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Seriously thanks for the great feed back guys. I agree lol, I probably went a little too overboard with the colors. Just wanted to showcase some DOM scripting skills and wasn’t sure how to approach it :rofl: . Definitely going to go in and fix it up, a long with the responsiveness issues.

On a side note, I’m sure this type of question has been asked before! But once I get through the front end libraries cert, would you say that those projects alone are good enough for applying for a junior role? How much knowledge does one need before actually applying and doing interviews? I feel like only so much can be learned on your own.

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You can get an internship easy. I don’t know how good it is to apply as junior, since they will look for somebody who understands his job.

This does not mean that you have no skills. It means that when I started working as front end dev, I was quite surprised about how deep only CSS can get… I’m really happy that I started with an internship because there was somebody by my side who could help me anytime.

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