Thoughts on my Portfolio

Hi guys. Please check out my project and feel free to throw some feedback my way. I’ll appreciate it:


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Good work!

I liked the use of bright colors and the fonts. Well done! :thumbsup:


i think that first and foremost the question is ; do you like it? if you think that this portfolio website represent you well, then that’s what really matters.

now personally, I don’t like it and i don’t think its look professional.
doesn’t seem like you put any thought and planning into it. it dose look like your first ever attempt of building something.

if that’s the case, then you actually did quite a good job but i personally wouldn’t attempt building a portfolio website so soon.

from a quick glance at your code:

  1. a lot of unnecessary class and ids.
  2. try to use html5 tags instead of just meaningless plain div.

JS: you should be able to achieve the same result using CSS and html.

Thanks, I was just trying to play around with the look.

I wouldn’t call it professional yet seeing as I have a long way to go. I’m likely going to have more ideas the more stuff I learn to use. Can you give an example of a class/div I could do away with?

It’s responsive and you have an interesting excerpt about burger joints, heh.


  • Perhaps try out a monochromatic or triad color scheme. Paletton could help you decide!
  • Instead of right-aligning your “about” section, you could left align or center-align it to make it easier to read. A profile picture would be a great addition too.
  • The social icons could be larger on medium-large screens.

Keep up the great work bud! :smile_cat: