NitinNair89 Portfolio - Please comment! :)

Hello Everyone!

So, after learning and playing with Bootstrap and a little of CSS3 animation I was able to draft my personal portfolio page - Lesson #120.

Here’s the codepen link:

I would like to know your opinion on this one. :slight_smile:


It looks great! I can’t find any problems or bugs. Good job!

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Thank you! :smiley:

Do you have any improvements or suggestions?

I want to create the portfolio to get placed :wink:

That’s what I am aiming for and its a long way to go I guess.

No, I think it looks fine how it is. As you are able to add more to it, you may find changes you want to make.

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Very nicely done! Your page is very clean, crisp and professional-looking.

I like how everything slides into view when the page first loads. High points for me are the clean, crisp and friendly ‘contact’ section and also the visually novel idea of displaying your different levels of proficiency within your skill set. I also like the fact that your ‘projects’ section is a slider.

One improvement I might suggest is to experiment with other fonts for your ‘About Me’ section and also the the rest of your description text under the headings. I am finding the current font just slightly difficult to read, like the characters are a bit too close together. The font works well for the larger titles, but as soon as it comes to your paragraph text I think maybe there is a better alternative. This is just my opinion though, and we always have to be careful of using too many different fonts.

Also with your skill set representation, it might be nice to make the different keywords (HTML, CSS, jQuery etc) ‘pop’ more - so that the viewer can take it all in at a glance. Perhaps make the bars a bit wider and lighter, and enlarge the text on them (with a very subtle text-shadow, perhaps?) But that is totally up to you how you would do that, often we can’t visualize things well until we actually do them and what I’m suggesting may in fact not be good…
I would also experiment (if possible) with vertically aligning all those names, regardless of how long your experience bar is. If that makes sense? Again, just my opinion and also entirely optional. (I can’t think now how I would do that, but I’m sure one can find out/)

Personally, I would also experiment with how it would look if I moved the text column of the ‘About Me’ section down with more margin-top or padding-top, so that it aligns with the first green bar rather than the ‘My SkillSet’ heading.

But ja those are all nitpicky-designery-type things and definitely very good job! I also actually agree with Portable Stick.

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Thank you!

I liked your points… They are valid and creative. I will try to make few changes based on your inputs and see how it looks. :smiley:

Is there any guide for typography? I would like to know more about fonts if there is one. :slight_smile:

You can try to google around for typography guides, there are quite a few visual representations out there about the basics of pairing different types of body text with different headings etc…

But fonts can be tricky for me too and the way I eventually paired the fonts on my own page was trial and error, by trying first this google-font and then that one… :smile: I ended up using three. One fat and elaborate one for the big headings, one modern sans serif font for the intermediate text and then a very plain one for the paragraph text. My main font criteria is readability and how well it blends with the rest of the design and other fonts.

If you have the time, go to Pinterest and search ‘typography’ for a lot of different visual input. Not all of it is applicable to web development, but it certainly has helped me a lot before.

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Thanks a lot!

I will surely check those out :slight_smile:

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Hi Nitin, the layout looks good, and it’s a nice minimalistic design! I really like your navigation bar. I don’t have any other criticism about the design, but here are two grammar corrections.

About section:
Looking forward to working with you

Projects section:
Below are a few (or you can say several) of the projects that I have completed

Nice job man!

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