Please review my Portfolio Project and give me feedback

I just finished the second project “Build a personal Portfolio Project”.

Now I want to share it with you and I really would appreciate feedback from the community here.
What can I do better or what are some mistakes I made? What do you like about it?

Here is the link:

I haven’t done any projects in the past so it’s just filler pictures. I’m not a total beginner but though I would love some feedback.

Also please excuse my english, as it’s not my main language

Thanks for your effort!

i like but i can’t click on “DH” on the left and social links are not active

Thank you for your answer @gruszek.
I know because I don’t want to share my social networking sites.
“DH” also isn’t doing anything right now, because I don’t know where to link. It’s just some sort of “placeholder”.

What I’m especially interested in, is some feedback in how I build the html and css classes and structure?
Thx for checking in.

I like it a lot, I have been having a lot of problems with designing it to look something like yours where there are spaces on the sides, so instead, I went for a different layout.

What I like:

  1. how clean it looks, with a second border around it.
  2. the font with your menu up top

what I would change:

  1. the menu bar to be the same frame as the rest of the page (right now it looks like it extends to far on each side).
  2. Smaller social media icons because on a smaller phone they get cramped under the menu awkwardly.

other than that I think it looks really good! Better than mine :frowning:

Thanks, appreciate your feedback.

To 1.) You are right I will change that to lign up correctly
2.) Also aggree with that. I will add the bootstrap collapse class (so it collapses into a burger menu when you are on mobile).

/edit: You have a link of your site? Could give you some feedback too if you want.
/edit2: I changed Point 1 and it now ligns up correctly. Looks much better thx @Ctfrancia

Nice work.
And here are my some comments if you let me.

  1. don’t use inline CSS. all styles must be describes in another file. HTML for skeleton of your site, but CSS define what things looks like. Below your code. You already got a class ‘logo’.
<h2 class="logo" style="border-right: none"> <a href="#project"> > Projects < </a></h2>


<h2 class="logo"> <a href="#project"> > Projects < </a></h2>

but in logo class add

border-right: none;
  1. Use attr alt for your img elements. here is the link

I like your prefixes for browsers. And what you really need is media queryies I think. Because your project looks good at my laptop but on small viewport is not.(I mean your header because all other things Bootstrap make nice).

Great work. Keep coding.

Best rigards.