Personal Portfolio - feedbacks welcome :)

Hello all,

Please take a look at and let me know your thoughts


For the second project it isn’t bad at all. I hope I can do as well, I am about to start it myself.


You’ve got a pretty dope layout here! I really like the retro game-like text!


  • Add a bit more content. You could add a profile picture and maybe some background images.

  • Perhaps you could add some of your other non-web development projects to the portfolio section.

  • Have the navigation list become a vertical list for mobile layouts. Also, you could maybe add scrollspy so that the correct button becomes active when you scroll over the matching section.

But yeah, you’ve got a pretty functional and mobile-responsive portfolio! Awesome job man! :smile_cat:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Have fun doing your!


Thanks for suggestions :slight_smile: I wonder though if adding background images will make page less clear and harder to read especially on mobiles. Tried adding scrollspy but couldn’t get it to work :worried:


No problem! I see you changed the nav list to a vertical list for mobile! Great job! :smile_cat:

  • For the background images, you could maybe add a transparent grey(closer to black or white depending on the background image color) background color to the text-area container. See my portfolio for a visual aid.

  • For the scrollspy issue, have you tried going through the documentation, checking google, and asking around in the FCC gitter chat?

  • Tiny suggestion: Center the text for each section title.

  • ok, now I get it :slight_smile: just need to think about what to add as a background

  • while testing I found out where problem lies, my links in

  • are wrapped in a

    and as for now I have no idea how to resolve this

  • text centered, thanks for a tip

Hi, some recommendations here:

  • Use a bigger, bolder font for about me, or instead of about me, you can put a phrase that represent you or your name (but you already have your name in the nav).

  • Not totally fan about the blur in the hover state of the thumbnails, maybe reverse the effect blur normal -> clear on hover?

  • Better control in the scale of the thumbnails reduce it a little.

  • I’m not a big fan of the color scheme, if you like them is your choice but you can improve them here some links of color generators or palletes.

  1. LOL Colors Palletes
  2. Adobe Kuler

Hi skayablars,

Thank you for your comment, as for recommendations:

  • as for feel and look I will probably change a bit here and there as you and jinrawx suggested

  • this effect is not intentional and as I checked google it’s common problem with scale effect, and I’ll be changing effect while going down the free code camp rode :wink:

  • yeeeeaaah about thumbnails, it was pain to get it sort out as it is and it’s not perfect as you pointed out. Problem is that as the first picture scales nicely into to thumbnail and grid column adding image generated with holder.js makes thumbnail bigger. I had to generate placeholders with the same size as the first image, but in return it generated two problems (minor): blurr on hover effect and shitty scaling while browser resizes. I have no idea why and how to fix that :confused:

  • thanks for links, added to bookmarks