Personal Portfolio page project - Feedback appreciated

Hello Campers, I just finished my personal project page - still work in progress, but your feedback would be greatly appreciated, it has pass all requirement.

Many thanks before hands.

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No one for feedback?

Design looks good, a couple things to critique on to make it better.

  • Needs work on making it mobile responsive.
  • The white text of the nav-bar hard to see when you scroll onto the tan background of your project.

Keep going at it!

Yes, I know that i need to work on responsiveness, i haven’t have time to do it but will work on it. Thank you so much for your feedback.

I agree, the design is very nice and creative. Your landing page reminds me of a pretty expensive clothing store that’s at least here in the states hahaha. I like the structure of how your projects are presented and the parallax you added to the contact section/footer.

I also agree that the thing that needs the most time to be looked at and tinkered with is your responsiveness.

Your navbar is one of those chamillion navbars, which are cool, and I was thinking of adding one to mind, but realized that my text, like yours, would get too muddled with the rest of my page when I scroll. You can add a transparent white or black bar or background color (with some padding) to your nav links (rgba(999,999,999,0.5) for transparent white, rgba(000,000,000,0.5) for transparent black. change the last number to any decimal at least to the tenth place to alter its transparency. 1 will make it solid). I’d also add some weight to your nav link’s text to make it stand out more.

The black and white on the opposite color is clever, but sometimes is overlapped a bit and can be a little difficult to differentiate. The pastel colors on a very light grey background is hard to see in some pastel colors too (like the purple, teal, mint, and the other grey box). The animation on those boxes are nice though and smooth, I’d keep that. Many people on my portfolio feedback post said I should add a description about the project, what it was like to create it, etc. Maybe something to consider?

I’d actually put time into writing out your About section. I know its placeholder since this won’t be your only draft, but I’d think about it and try to enter it in after this next draft you do. The “about me” title and the line to the left of it could use some spacing. Also, why the period after “about”?

I’d animate the social links with colors on hover (this Adobe site was a great tool that helped me). It’ll add more personality to the footer area. You can also link your email address to prompt the user to a new, blank email with your email address already types into the “To” line in the email. It’ll save whoever is viewing your portfolio time from copying and pasting your email.

This is a really great start, much more professional than mine looked lol. Good job, can’t wait to see draft two :+1: