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Hi, I saw several people post a link to their portfolio page for feedback, and really enjoyed looking at other people’s portfolio . So if any of you would be willling to have a look at my portfolio or post a link to their own portfolio? I would really appreciate that!



Looks Great, love the layout! You may want to consider collapsing the portfolio section to a single column on smaller mobile devices (col-xs-) as it gets a little wonky right before 320px wide. I really like the hover effects on the portfolio links, looks really slick, I might try to do something similar on my own now! The only other thing I noticed was with scrollspy, it doesn’t change the active nav button to “contact”, I’m assuming because it’s such a short section but there is probably something you can do if you tinker with it.

Here is my portfolio page if you’re interested:

reminds me that I need to go back and add the projects I’ve done!

Overall, looks really great!

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Hi, thanks for the feedback, you got a nice portfolio site yourself! The scrollspy is indeed kind of a problem. I will probably add a contact form, so that should fix it. I agree that the portfolio section looks weird on smaller screens, so I will change that.

Despite the fact I am not a web developer, here is my feedback.
Looks nice at first, clear layout and nice responsive design. There is no doubt about what this page is about and visitors will understand immediately when they open it up, they won’t have to think about where they are, this is very good.
I would suggest to add some content so it will be even better :slight_smile: I could comment on that, too if you like.

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Hi, thanks for taking a look at it. Unfortunately, I haven’t finished any other project yet, but I will absolutely update it once I have.

Awesome, looking forward to it! I should create my own portfolio as well, it is a project for a while now but not too much progress so far, there is always something else to do :joy:

Hi everybody!!!
Could you please check my portfolio project? :blush:
I have only one project in portfolio, so other examples are just placeholder pictures.
Thank you in advance!:smiley_cat:

Hi, thanks for posting your portfolio. It looks nice! I would consider removing the background image at the portfolio section and use just a color as background.

In my opinion the layout looks nice however the many different background images are distinctive. I like simple design more with less, but harmonized colors. Since you are using images as backgrounds for each section the content looses its value and importance.
I would suggest to use some simple background color and one matching font type and color consistently. I miss the content from the page as well, but that comes by time, I believe :slight_smile:

Typos I found:

Interested in… // instead of Interesting
Feel free to contact me by using/filling this form!
You can find me on

Thanks for reply! I think background is just question of taste… I really like how it’s look)) Also I think if I will work in company like IT, there will be designers who give a design of sites. So now i’m not really concentrate on it.

This is awesome! I love the greeting that changes based on the time of day!

Hey guys, I’m trying to get some feedback on my portfolio. I haven’t really made projects to link to. I would appreciate any feedback on the project
I don’t know what is wrong with my project 6 image and why it won’t line up with project 4 and 5.