Personal Portfolio complete!

hey people, I’m done with the Personal Portfolio. Check it out my page and please do leave feedback! Thanks!

I’d change the title of the page.

Your navbar falls behind your ‘welcome’ div when I scroll down and some of the links don’t seem to work.

When I mouse-over your projects they get a distorted stretched look. Same thing with the contact links at the bottom.

I’ll prefer to use favivons for the contact links below, moreover the streach when you hover on your contacts is not looking really attractive.

You also need to work on your mediaqueries, it’s not fitting very well on mobile, especially your nav.

Those are just my opinions…


Ok thanks for the feedback, i guess i’m gonna have to do some corrections.

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Okay… the styles are a bit weird and the event listeners are a bit awkward (no offense).
The animation in the beginning is really cool, but a bit hard on the eyes to look at.
Change the font of your portfolio to one like Optima or Avenir for the paragraphs and the project tiles.
Maybe Copperplate or Phosphate for the headings.
The z-index of the fixed buttons should be above all other things.
The projects should expand in both width and height when hovered over.
The “about” and “contact” link buttons don’t work.
The final contact buttons should change color slowly, or expand in size in both width and height.
Change the backgrounds.

Please note that I am not trying to overwhelm you.
I’m just trying to help.
At all else, good job.

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ok thanks a lot, man I really do appreciate the feedback! I’m a beginner self-teaching, bt improving through the help I get here… I appreciate your feedback to my project it means a lot!