2nd project-personal portfolio.Any help or feedback appreciated!

Hey all!

I’ve just completed my second project, the personal portfolio page.

Well…saying that is completed is a big statement, it is far from being completed actually but I think that the structure is there,I will update it on the way while I’ll learn new stuff.

Any help or feedback will be appreciated (fonts,color,layout), especially,it’s still not clear why,the page scrolls to the side a bit…How can I fix that?

Thank you so much for your help, keep being awesome!



To get rid of the scroll, add:

body { overflow: hidden; }

to the body section of your CSS.

Try to use placeholders for your images so you a general idea of how your page will look. I use http://www.placehold.it/250x250 where the width and height can be adjusted to anything. If you’re already using placeholder images, they just aren’t loading for me.

I think you have a great start to your project! I like the theme with the darker colors with the more vibrant ones laid on top and the hover effect on the contact icons. Only suggestions I’ll throw out there is to add some padding to your Bio text and fix your Navigation to the top of the screen!