Personal Portfolio Page: Feedback Appreciated

Hi, everyone. So after a long time, I finally finished my portfolio page. This was the first time I ever used media queries. After viewing my Tribute page on a mobile device, I really tried getting this page to look good and function on most devices. Any feedback, suggestions, advice, etc. is very much appreciated. It can either be positive or negative.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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Generally everyhting is ok and nice. The only thing thing I would recommend you to make is the transition from one section to another smoother. For me it’s nicer to go from home section to about or other sections with smooth scroll down.

It looks great! In my opinion, the icons are so big, maybe a bit small would be better. And the projects would be bigger, I think it is the more important part of your portfolio.

Thank you both for the feedback.

It looks beautiful. On clicking portfolio, the portfolio section heading gets cut. I am making my portfolio website too. Right now I am trying to figure out how to track which section I am in.

Thank you. What device were viewing the website on?

Great job so far! I love the background image you chose. You have a pretty cool brand logo too!

My suggestions:

  • Try to improve the mobile experience. You could try having the nav menu disappear/slide up when a user clicks a nav button. In addition, you could get the ‘hover effect’ to be active on mobile/small screens.

  • Add smooth scrolling on nav button clicks.

  • Add text-shadow to your text on your jumbotron/banner area to improve readability.

  • Bring the social buttons closer together for medium and large screens.

Well, that’s all I’ll say for now. Great job so far and keep up the amazing work!

Thank you for feedback. I considered one of your suggestions so far and tried making the nav menu disappear when the user clicks on one of the nav buttons. I got it to work on my desktop but when I tried it on an iPhone it doesn’t work. The same thing with hover effects as you know. I tried on an android tablet and it works. Do you know of a way to fix this or something different I have to do for Apple products?

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If you are viewing your project on codepen, you might have issues with apple products(I’ve had this issue before too). It probably has to do with all of your content being inside a codepen frame. You could try serving your project locally or on a server and testing it again on an apple product to see if codepen was causing the issue.